Banner drop at Fort Meade: “Save America – Close the NSA”

So we kicked the surveillance state in the shins a little bit yesterday.

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

On Saturday, December 7, 2013, two carloads of activists drove to the NSA headquarters at Fort Meade to demonstrate against the U.S. surveillance state.

They unfurled banners over US-295 with a simple message:

Save America – Close the NSA.

[videography, sound by N. van der Sluys, T. Nephew; for a sharper image while playing
the videos, click the settings “gear” icon (lower right menu) and select 720p HD]

– – –

The action, organized by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee with activists from Code Pink, Restore the Fourth, and the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, helps kick off similar protests around the country leading up to the Bill of Rights Day on December 15th.

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4 Responses to Banner drop at Fort Meade: “Save America – Close the NSA”

  1. The security state uses the official narratives of 9-11 to justify, in great part, NSA surveillance and wars. The official story of 9-11 is composed of big lies.

    What allegiances do you ‘activists’ have that prevent you from including 9-11 truth information in your organizations’ efforts?

    Why do FISA and CODEPINK (VVAW, FCNL, AFSC, WorldCantWaot) and other so-called ‘peace’ and ‘anti-war’ groups avoid alliances with respectable groups like AE911truth?

    My answer: Your leadership are not who they purport to be. Their allegiances are to the ZIonist entity and the Jewish State…not to our Constitution.

  2. I don’t speak for any ‘leadership,’ because there isn’t much of any.

    In my own opinion, the case is not that much of a slam dunk, and what’s left over is simply not that relevant any more. S**t happens, or is inadequately forestalled; opportunism follows; years pass; a new bad situation solidifies; Code Pink, Get FISA Right, etc. work against it rather than dwell on the sorta-mighta-maybes of twelve years ago. I’m not that interested in the Kennedy assassination either.

    Also it might be that unpleasant trolls throwing around completely unfounded accusations and hijacking discussions for their pet peeves aren’t excellent ambassadors for their point of view. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. sallijane says:

    We are expending no energy to avoid linking; we are not expending enough energy to keep up with current issues. Mea culpa.

  4. The “mother” of current issues continues to be the big lies of 9-11.

    Solve 9-11 and the FISA/NSA problems go away.

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