Thank Edward Snowden – by acting on these NSA-related bills!

Note especially Rep. Rush Holt’s Surveillance State Repeal Act, H.R.2818, which flatly repeals the ‘PATRIOT’ and FISA Amendment Acts.

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

The revelations by Edward Snowden have stunned the public — and they’ve even stunned Congress, so that a raft of bills have been sponsored addressing various aspects of the NSA scandal.

We’ve identified some of the best ones below — and link them to POPVOX email tools you can use to send letters of support (or opposition) to your Representative and Senators:

While we give our “elevator pitch” for the bills at the links above, you can also learn more about any of these bills at our “NSA legislative overview” post (updated frequently), including the bill’s language and legislative status, its main features, and who likes the bill and why.

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