Coalition to Van Hollen, Delaney: “Profound disappointment” with NSA vote

Major coalition pushback in a county with 2 Democratic Representatives who voted “Nay” on the Amash-Conyers bill. Try it where you live — you might get some good results!

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

A veritable “Who’s Who” coalition of progressive organizations in Montgomery County has co-signed a letter to Representatives Chris Van Hollen (D-MD-8) and John Delaney (D-MD-6) expressing “profound disappointment” with their “Nay” votes on the Amash/Conyers amendment last week.  The amendment would have explicitly defunded NSA warrantless surveillance purportedly authorized under provisions of the FISA Amendment Act.

UPDATE, 8/3: ACLU of Maryland has co-signed the letter as well.

Organizational co-signers included ACLU of Maryland, ACLU of Montgomery County, Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Maryland Chapter, CASA de Maryland, Defending Dissent Foundation, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, Montgomery County Progressive Alliance, Montgomery County Young Democrats, Pax Christi Montgomery, Peace Action Montgomery, Progressive Neighbors, and Veterans for Peace DC Area Chapter 016.*  The text of the letter to Representative Van Hollen is embedded below:

Following a public appearance yesterday where he was met with “Wrong on NSA” signs, Rep. Van Hollen…

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One Response to Coalition to Van Hollen, Delaney: “Profound disappointment” with NSA vote

  1. sallijane says:

    Amazed—and pleased—to report that Scott Garrett of NJ5, with whom I usually disagree, voted for the amendment, against the spying. It was close, 205–217, 12 no votes. N.J. Senate primary candidate Frank Pallone—candidate Rush Holt, also in the House, voted for the amendment. The other primary candidates are not Representatives, so did not have the opportunity to go on record in the vote.

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