Hundreds join DC rally to #RestoreThe4th on July 4th (videos, photos)

A writeup of the DC rally, with a YouTube playlist of the speakers, some rallygoer reactions, photos, and more.

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

McPherson Square was the setting for a very successful Independence Day rally for the 4th Amendment yesterday, with hundreds on hand to listen and cheer as speaker after speaker urged them to “Restore The Fourth!”

RestoreTheFourth/DC’s rally organizer Andrea O’Neill led off, followed by assisting coordinator Louise Brooks, who introduced the remaining speakers.

(For a complete listing and individual video links, see the end of this post.  We will be providing a complete playlist of the day’s speakers shortly; when possible, we’ll provide or link to prepared text as well.)

Amie Stepanovich — director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s (EPIC) Domestic Surveillance Project — led off with important news: EPIC will be filing a motion before the Supreme Court on Monday asking that court to vacate the recently revealed April 25 FISC order requiring Verizon to turn over all phone records through July 19, 2013…

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  1. […] DC featured an all-star cast of speakers, 400+ people, and 20 news organizations. […]

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