Restore the Fourth: Grassroots civil liberties activism is back and better than ever!

Restore the Fourth rally on the Federal Building, NY

It’s the Fourth of July, and we’re fighting for our civil liberties.

me, in 2008, to the Senator Obama – Please, No Telecom Immunity and Get FISA Right mailing list

Five years later, grassroots civil liberties activism on social networks is back and better then ever. Back in 2008, we were organizing online, trying to stop the disastrous FISA Amendment Act, and Barack Obama had just responded to our open letter. We lost that battle, but the fight goes on … and today it went to the next level at Restore the Fourth‘s rallies across the country:

New York

How cool is that?

Portland, OR

One thing that really excites me about Restore the Fourth is its transpartisan base. Tea Party Patriots and Occupiers, together again for the first time! And the strong support from EFF, Free Press, BORDC and others high-profile non-profits for today’s actions and petition really highlights the connections and skills that built during the battles over SOPA and CISPA.

Austin, TX

Even though today’s rallies are just a first step, their success a huge shot in the arm for civil liberties. The network of informed and connected people that came together to make today happen can be the basis for pressuring Washington as legislation moves forward in Congress and the calls for a investigating committee pick up momentum, and we start to head into the 2014 primary season. And as BORDC executive director Shahid Buttar discusses in Restoring the Fourth Amendment, local organizing offers opportunities to win back right on a city-by-city basis (as we did with Save the Rave!) while reinforcing national the movement. BORDC and allies have had several big wins already this year, and with drones, fusion centers, and the national ID card hidden in the immigration bill, there will be plenty of opportunities for more …

veryoriginal78, in DC

National Coordinator veryoriginal78

Going forward, Restore the Fourth’s goals are similar to and the coalition of 80+ organizations who sent an open letter to Congress last month: reforming the Patriot Act, FISA, and the state secret privilege; creating a special committee to investigate, report, and reveal to the public the extent of this domestic spying; and holding officials who were responsible for unconstitutional surveillance accountable.

Of course there’s a long way still to go and some big open questions. How to build on the initial energy? How to evolve the loose initial organization to something sustainable? How successful will Restore the Fourth be at crowdfunding? Will the media continue to cover the story? We shall see.

Still, it’s a watershed moment when any social network activism campaign makes the leap from online into the streets — something we never managed to do with Get FISA Right.

So major kudos to the Restore the Fourth organizers, both at the national level and of the individual rallies … and to everybody who turned out!

7 Responses to Restore the Fourth: Grassroots civil liberties activism is back and better than ever!

  1. Sallijane says:

    Just closed the Fourth by reading an article by Bill Quigley on Truthout:
    His first paragraph:
    On July 4, 1776, over fifty people signed the Declaration of Independence. They were openly resisting the legal authority of the King of England. Thousands joined them. They were outlaws. They were breaking the laws of England and risked capture, prison and even death for their belief in independence, equality, unalienable rights, and liberty. They were far from perfect as slavery, the slaughter and removal of Native Americans and the exclusion of women demonstrated. But they did resist their globally powerful government.
    Please click the link to read about other true patriots of today. The more who step up, at any level, the less risky for us all.

  2. jonpincus says:

    There’s also a press roundup on Reddit here.

  3. sallijane says:

    Thanks, Agent, for the link; the video is great! (Personally, I cringe every time I hear the 1954-added “under god” included in the pledge, but that is another discussion 😉 ) I also found another link on the same page quite distressing—apparently the Bill of Rights is not always as honored as we expect:

  4. Jon Pincus says:

    Thanks Tawnee, I’ll add Olympia to the list as well — great pics!

  5. […] to run a pro-Constition ad during Obama’s inauguration. Since then, as newer groups like Restore the Fourth and Fight for the Future have taken the lead, we’ve come back to life from time to time […]

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