Internet Defense League to send out “Cat Signal” on July 4!

The Internet Defense League's Cat Signal

Grassroots Internet users have organized Restore the Fourth protests on the ground all over the U.S. on the 4th of July. Building off the energy of the coalition (which now has over 500,000 signers), and aiming to amplify the protests on the ground, we’re raising the Internet Defense League’s “Cat Signal” on July 4th, asking websites and organizations to show call out the NSA by displaying the text of the 4th Amendment.

— Mail from the Internet Defense League

The IDL came together as part of the SOPA battle, a mix of tech companies and non-profits, and created the “cat signal” to alert internet users across the world when it’s time to speak out to defend the internet.  With tech companies like Mozilla, Reddit, and WordPress, civil liberties non-profits like EFF, Open Congress, and Public Knowledge, and highly viral allies like Cheezeburger and Fark, it’s reach is mighty.

The Cat Signal will be raised at midnight on July 4th and will turn off at midnight on July 5th. We’ll send out campaign specific code on Tuesday, for those who just want to participate in this action, but what we need you to do right now is help spread the word. We need to ramp this up and get everyone on board. If you have Twitter or Facebook, click the link, if not, please blog, share, call your friends and tell them. This is going to be epic, so get everyone.

Epic!  The Internet Defense League says this will be their biggest protest since SOPA … sounds good to me!  Fight for the Future’s Join the Protest page has a lot more information about how you can get involved — including putting the fourth amendment up on your blog or web site, another Thunderclap on Twitter and Facebook for July 4, and of course Restore the Fourth‘s protests around the country.   Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but a big difference between now and 2008 is that thanks to the SOPA and CISPA battles, the tech/civil liberties partnerships has been reinvigorated.  Go internet!

This is a watershed moment for our basic rights to free speech, freedom of association, and privacy

Yeah really.  So please pass the word, and please get involved!


One Response to Internet Defense League to send out “Cat Signal” on July 4!

  1. jonpincus says:

    Heather Kelley’s Taking NSA protests online on CNNsummarizes:

    Nationwide physical protests are being organized on Reddit and Twitter for the Fourth of July. The “Restore the Fourth” rallies will focus on perceived Fourth Amendment violations.

    Last year, online activism proved itself with a big real-world win. To protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, people and companies across the Internet came together and signed online petitions, changed avatars, and e-mailed representatives. The big moment came when Wikipedia and other sites went dark and Google censored its logo, adding a link to an online petition that went on to gather more than 4.5 million signatures.

    “We need to rekindle that energy more than ever so our elected officials take the necessary actions to illuminate how current surveillance policies are being implemented,” Mozilla’s Alex Fowler said in a statement announcing StopWatching.Us.

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