Get FISA Right’s purpose in 2013

We did this in 2008:

  1. Tackled an issue that was getting tiny MSM and not significant progressive coverage (right?) and dramatically amplified awareness of the issue.
  2. Sourced our members directly from Obama supporters. “We love you, but.” — this provocative identity was an attention-grabber.
  3. Had at least one very specific goal: pressure Obama to vote a certain way on a certain issue (corporate immunity for domestic spying lawsuits).
  4. Tackled a wonky issue.
  5. Used online/social media for organizing in a way that was novel at the time.

(What am I missing?)

Now i’ll address each of those as they apply today.

1: The issue is getting a ton of press. The progressive press is doing a pretty good job and even the MSM coverage isn’t horrendous. So i don’t think we have anything special to add here.

2: Is there anything we can do that’s analogous today? “We are ______ supporters, but.” There’s nothing I can think of, but maybe others have more ideas.

3: We have no specific goal to strive toward.

4: Here’s somewhere we can maybe add something. We are pretty wonky, and if we make it a goal then our wonkiness can expand.

5: Hopefully we can do a competent job with organizing via social media again. But… maybe there is something more we can add? Some other new media/method we can foray into?

In summary: if we are just wonky, I don’t know how much we can get done. If we can think of a provocative identity, this would significantly help focus us and get attention. If we can think of a way to be innovative with spreading information and organizing then that will help us further and will be fun. And maybe if we stick around for a while, we’ll figure out a specific goal to strive for.

What do you think? Who should we be, and what should we do? Discuss in the comments below!

3 Responses to Get FISA Right’s purpose in 2013

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  2. jonpincus says:

    Great post, I really like the way you broke things down. I agree that #5, our social media presence, is a huge strength a place we can add a lot of value. The distinction between competence and adding something new is a good one; a few meetings ago we talked about video hangouts and google+ as a potential new area. A few additional thoughts:

    – on #2, what about “We are *former* supporters”? i still think it’s worth thinking about another open letter. after all, he asked us to hold him accountable.
    – for #3, there are three specific goals called out in the open letter to Congress (and they’re also on reforming FAA, section 215, etc.; a special commission to investigate; and accountability.
    – for #4, a few ideas. first of all it seems to me that there’s a lot of good description out there already, but not a good collection of the best links … so I guess I’m thinking of a curating role. also, nobody’s yet talking about the most difficult issue of all: what does it mean to get fisa right? we had a couple of posts on this a few years ago, perhaps we should venture in again?


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