GFR June 16 phone conference

 This will be more of a general synopsis of the meeting than the detailed one for the June 12th meeting. Detailed “PiratePad” notes are here; links mentioned during the conversation are gathered here. Please feel free to use comments below to contribute to this conversation! 
Attendees: John Bachir, Sally Gellert, jon pincus, Harry Waisbren, John Quarterman, Jim Burrows, Thomas Nephew
Catching up:  John and Jim updated others on what they’re up to (NSF project on spam; communications systems for first responders, VP of Engineering at Silent Circle, respectively).  Both remain active in writing about and/or being active about surveillance and other issues.

Outreach: Harry is in touch with organizers of ‘I Stand with Edward Snowden‘ rallies in NY. Deciding next steps.  Harry’s suggesting a similar path to what they did with SOPA — NY Tech Meetup getting people involved who wouldn’t be otherwise. Jon went to a few Restore the 4th meetings; a lot of energy, make almost exclusive use of Reddit.  Thomas reported on the MCCRC/Washington Peace Center DC protest (video, some alternative media coverage).

Legislation: Propose we do what we did in the past: discussion on blog about whether we endorse, then phoning / writing congress / etc. 3 bills on the way:

Corporate involvement in problem: FB and Microsoft released full # of government requests, and might be telling the truth. Latest technical speculation is that there’s a meta-data base in addition to PRISM, taking directly from providers; this could provide a lot of info without directly going to the companies. Marcy Wheeler also saw some quotes that show that they are getting this data under some other theory.

Continuing discussion of where could GFR add value: possibilities include…
  • amplifying key news and activsm announcements (liking, resharing, etc.)
  • supporting legislation and petitions
  • blog.  there isn’t one go-to blog out there yet primarily on this issue
  •  go-to place for news + activism on social networks (Twitter, FB, G+, reddit?, tumblr?)
  •  linking 2008 discussions and today
  •  another open letter
Twitter hashtag: commonly #NSA and #prism.   Other possibilities: #StopNSA, #StopWatchingUS,#NSA, #WatchNSA
jon: #NSA to broadcast, #GetFISARight to coordinate our message, #restorethe4th
Active GFR blog: hope for regular blog, multiple entries per day; daily news roundups are useful; would work best with multiple authors
 Might aim for a series of blog posts getting people to revist it from 5 years later. Lot of ‘we were right’. ‘Here is what we didn’t know.’ Things that hadn’t been disclosed in 2008. Could go back to original bloggers, GFR began as a coordinated blog offensive.   Thomas agrees to do a draft invitation to bloggers.
Thinking about SOPA, corporate buy-in to reform: SOPA was extremely succesful; any way for us to replicate that?  OTOH, with SOPA there was something specific to oppose, feeling of goal line stand — this is different — but perhaps the same methods (internet general strike / blackout day) will be appropriate.  What is the demand this time?
Action items
  • Thomas: get blog post of last meeting up (linking to read-only version of Pirate Pad); this meeting as well; draft of email to bloggers; basic blog post on DC action
  • Harry: get involved in caucuses at NRN – invite Marcy, Ari, Mike Stark, Chris Bowers, PCCC
  • John B: reach out to Alexis Ohanian (SOPA activist)
  • jon p: follow up with leif(sp?) about
  • Sally: a blog post about how we want to describe ourselves?  up Tuesday night so it’s fresh for NRN (not “Obama supporters!”)
  • Jon: tech platform thoughts
 Next calls: Wednesday 10EST, Sunday 10EST

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