Well, it has been a long time. . .

. . . but today’s news brings me back here to process the insanity. It has been revealed that Verizon has been sending records on all telephone traffic to the NSA. The entire Twitter community, it seems, is sharing a joke—800,000 Tweeting, “Can you hear me now?” And, courtesy of the Washington Post, we have details about just how much our government is spying on us: http://wapo.st/1ba8gQL shows that they are mining data from nine Internet service providers.
Did the 23,000 of us who originally formed the group that ultimately set up this blog make the wrong call back in July 2008 and after, when we told our candidate, “You made the wrong choice on the FISA warrantless wiretapping act, but we will support you anyway”? Would we have been better to walk away and support a third-party candidate? There is no way to know, of course; the much-desired glimpse into an alternative universe for comparison is not possible except in science fiction. The clear truth is that we are at least disappointed, at most frightened for our democracy.
While we can still post here, spied upon or otherwise, welcome back to the conversation!


8 Responses to Well, it has been a long time. . .

  1. Bob Jacobson says:

    We were not taken, but our candidate misused our trust and acted in bad faith. Had our relationship been a marriage, we would have sued for divorce. But it was not an option. Unlike Bush, Obama never even deigned to defend his enormous, perhaps universal expansion of Bush’s eavesdropping program. Like much else about his Administration, Obama’s supersized assault on the First Amendment is breathtaking. No Salli, we were stupid. Our error was thinking Obama a man of his word.

    Presidents have universally excelled at duping the American People, all the way back to the Founding. Why did we expect more? Because the candidate was of mixed race? Because he spoke well (some say, not me)? Or because he had a lovely family (right down to the dog)? Let’s face it, after eight years of Bush and eight years before that under Clinton — the two faces of American imperialism — we were desperate for a change in directions. All we got was a heavier foot on the pedal.

    I earlier assumed that everything I now write when overseas is gathered up by the NSA’s Forbin Project. Now I’ve expanded my thinking to encompass the possibility that EVERYTHING THAT I WRITE is being archived somewhere. And that it will outlive us as climate change, disease, strife, and death smite humanity.

  2. Bob Jacobson says:

    All of the above boils down to: “No, weren’t stupid. We were taken.” We didn’t abandon our principles. We just didn’t get it that Obama has none.

  3. Glad to be back! FYI, I still have the getfisaright.us domain that I can forward here if you would like it. I’m not sure who let the .com lapse, Jon Picus might know. Any ideas to harness some of this anger into a cogent narrative of what happened?

  4. Sallijane says:

    Sure, I really don’t know much about the tech side, but glad to do anything I can to keep our efforts visible, especially as it seems we really need to ramp up again. Do you know where there is a copy of our ad online? I was looking to show someone a while back, and none of the links I found seemed to work.

  5. I think they are all available here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GetFISARight

    I forwarded the .us domain, it should be live shortly. I can help with the site if you need help. Just let me know.

  6. Jon Pincus says:

    Great idea!

    I’m not sure what happened to getfisaright.com. The wiki is still available at http://get-fisa-right.wetpaint.com

    Leif asks a good question: how to harness the anger and energy into a narrative about what happened — and even more importantly, what next?

    And in the short term, let’s use this link to get the gang back together again 🙂


  7. Jon Pincus says:

    As we’re thinking about how to focus energy, it’s worth keeping James Comey’s upcoming FBI nomination in mind — http://www.constitutioncampaign.org/blog/?p=13653

  8. I think we should start over… the wetpaint page is basically an archive of what went down… what if we added forum functionality to this blog?

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