Looking for video creativity here — we’re hoping videographers will make counter-announcements using the WMATA random bag search announcements played over the PA system on the DC subway system. We provide one example, but we think you can do better!

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

Anyone who’s used the Metro for any length of time practically knows it by heart –two little chimes, followed by this announcement by Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn:

The Metro Transit Police will be performing random inspections of carry-on items throughout the Metro system…

Now everyone else can listen in too, thanks to the magic of digital recording devices and the tedium of switching one on every time I went into the Metro for weeks on end — except when I forgot to, which was invariably when the announcement would play.

The announcement closes, “…and remember: if you see something, say something, and call the Metro Transit Police” at 202-962-2121.

So the video above says what *we* see: suspicionless, warrantless searches, security theater, Fourth Amendment violations, and more.  The video also reminds people they’re free to refuse the search, but notes that Chief Taborn has also famously warned that…

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