The latest from Montgomery County. We’re pushing back against the NDAA; have a look at the resolution — a hybrid of anti-NDAA resolutions developed by BORDC and ACLU.

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

Dear Takoma Park City Council,

Please find attached a draft resolution

  • urging the repeal of the indefinite detention provisions of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),
  • calling for the expiration of the Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) upon cessation of combat operations in Afghanistan,
  • instructing city agencies to see to it that any detainees in Takoma Park have access to a trial, counsel, and due process, and to decline federal agency requests under color of NDAA that would infringe on constitutionally guaranteed rights,
  • stating the sense of the City Council that neither the NDAA nor the AUMF can authorize US armed forces to arrest, detain, or try persons within the US, or militarily detain without trial civilians captured anywhere, and
  • requesting that our Congressman and Senators monitor the implementation of of the NDAA and work for its repeal.

The draft incorporates wording developed by the

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