In the wake of what looks like a win over SOPA and PIPA, I thought I’d share another kind of online activism — my friend Bill Day’s excellent “Protecting your online privacy” series at our local civil rights blog. Topics so far have ranged from browser security to S-MIME email encryption. Have a look!

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition

Starting this week, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition is pleased to host a series of posts on protecting your online privacy, written by Bill Day.  The posts now include…

Bill is an employment lawyer by day and a digital privacy and Internet use activist by night.  He’ll be suggesting ways you can enhance your online privacy with email encryption, anonymizing your Internet surfing, best practices, and more.  Perhaps even more importantly, he’ll be suggesting *why* you should care about and protect your digital privacy.

See also the “Not Without A Warrant” campaign by BORDC, ACLU and other civil liberties organizations to upgrade our online privacy by…

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  1. This post serves as a “home page” for the series, links to the individual articles are at the end of the post.

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