Well, here we are.

Down to the wire.  I am as guilty, or guiltier, than anyone reading this.  Yes, I have been active on some issues.  Yes, others have fallen through the cracks.  When the final vote is taken, if it is not over as I write this, it will in part be my fault.  If there is still time,   CALL! WRITE! E-MAIL!  I will be doing so later tonight.

We had three months.  It is virtually gone.  Support Russ FEiongold for senator or governor, should there be a recall election, support Al Franken on virtually everything he does, and even thank Rand Paul for being a holdout on this.  There are some things that Libertarians have absolutely right.


One Response to Well, here we are.

  1. Ed Kendrick says:

    Jon Pincus’ reply says I should propose a solution rather than attack Get FISA right leadership. Go to my last posting. The issues which brought us FISA surround the official story of 9/11–which is big lies. Jon won’t go there and many of you can’t bring yourselves emotionally to look at the big bamboozle that is 9/11.

    It wasn’t muslims–and the proofs are solid for this statement. The infiltration of Israeli companies in the wiretapping and spying on the U.S. through such companies as COMVERSE and AMDOCS before 9/11 were featured by FOXNEWS–yet ignored by this group. Some of my postings were deleted by administrators of Get FISA right.

    Yes, give Get FISA right the credit for the failed efforts at revising FISA intrusions into this formerly free society.

    The foundational basis of the wiretapping without warrants is 9/11–and 9/11 is a lie.

    Great new e-book just finished. If you don’t have time to read it all, read the last two chapters which were released last weekend–chapters 15 and 16 of the free e-book that is linked at bollyn.com

    The last ten years of human misery have arisen in the justifications surrounding the official story of 9/11–and 9/11 is a lie. Yes, I blame the leaders of this group for the failures–and the misdirection.

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