Patriot Act reauthorization passes the House — on to the Senate!

Tonight, members of Get FISA Right joined to watch live coverage of the debate on HR 514, extending 3 controversial provisions of the misnamed (to editorialize) PATRIOT Act.   The bill passed 275-144, with 27 Republicans voting no.  We were saddened by the outcome, but saw some encouragement as a number of representatives rose to speak about the necessity of preserving constitutionally-protected civil liberties, especially those protected by the first 10 amendments to the constitution, commonly known as the Bill of Rights.  EFF’s action alert has more details.

Now the debate moves to the Senate, which is expected to vote on Feinstein’s S.289.  Sen. Feinstein’s bill would, without introducing any new reforms, reauthorize the PATRIOT Act until 2013. Please contact your Senators and urge them to oppose S.289, and to support the reforms in S.193 (Leahy’s bill) and the JUSTICE Act (S. 1686 from the last Congress).

As always, we welcome discussion here as to what further actions we should take as a group.


5 Responses to Patriot Act reauthorization passes the House — on to the Senate!

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  2. Ed Kendrick says:

    Get FISA Right won’t engage the core issues for the creation of the Patriot Act–therefore, the political activism ‘strategy’ is destined to fail.

  3. Patrick Bruckart says:

    @Ed I don’t understand what you mean. What sort of strategy would you suggest?

  4. Patrick Bruckart says:

    Regarding the Representatives who spoke in opposition to H.R. 514 during last night’s debate, I think it would be a good idea for GFR members (in the reps districts when possible) to thank them and follow up with them on behalf of Get FISA Right. Unless the Senate passes H.R. 514 without amendments, the House will have to vote on it-or one of the Senate bills-again.

    I think you can watch the video of the vote again at: to double-check who spoke against the bill.

    I also think it would be good idea to reach out to all those in the House who voted against the bill, but I would think that those who spoke out should be first priority.

  5. Ed Kendrick says:

    Anthrax letters and 9-11 precipitated quick passage of the Patriot Act. Anthrax has been traced to US biological laboratory in Delaware. Everyone who has been looking knows there are grave problems with the official 9-11 story.

    From Dark Ages to Renaissance…to Industrial todays Age of Big Lies–the elephant on the coffee table is intentionally avoided by Get Fisa Right. Look to the leadership of this group to understand why this is so.

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