Patriot Act organizing call: 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific

1-213-289-0500 passcode 869727
Our goal is to come out of this with a rough plan that’ll take us through the weekend.  Here’s the draft agenda:

4:00 Introductions and celebration. w00t!
4:05 Landscape going forward
4:15 Strategy. More here if you have a few moments
4:30 Tactics: launch, “take action day”, media outreach, social network volunteers, ?
4:45: POPVOX
4:55 Action items and next steps
5:00 Twitter training for those who want to stick around. If you’re new to Twitter and Using Twazzup have more.

Before the meeting, please try to read Shahid’s short post on the People’s Blog for the Constitution.  If you’ve got a little more time, Strange Bedfellows Block Patriot Act has Julian Sanchez’ insightful observations, and my draft strategy post has links off lots of several other good analyses.

We’ve also set up a chat room — hopefully it’ll work well enough.  Longtime Get FISA Right’ers will recognize this as the Qworky prototype we used for meetings a year ago.  If you get an error message when you visit the page, try hitting refresh a couple of times.  Did I mention it’s a prototype?

If  you can’t make it to the meeting, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Talk to you soon!



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