Patriot Act organizing: Action items and notes from the “Make some noise” meeting

Great call. Thanks to Rainey, Kevin, Jim, Patrick, Harry, Matt, Sally, Shahid, Lou, Rachna, and anybody else who was there!

Key takeaways

  • Short-term activism over the next 24+ hours focused on HR514; Thursday morning, launch a campaign focused on the Senate
  • Leahy (S.193) is better than other alternatives, nowhere near as good as JUSTICE Act, unlikely to make it to Senate floor
  • Clock is ticking: end-of-Feb deadline to reauth, Congress is on recess last week of the month. A two- or three-month extension is arguably the least awful of the options
  • Need to start preparing now for possible scenarios like: extension until December and next battle is in the shadow of 9/11; Feinstein bill extends patriotact and FISA until 2013.
  • Focus Twitter energy on the #patriotact hashtag.
  • Worth investigating POPVOX as an additional tool — it’s designed to work well in a situation where advocacy orgs are aligned on an issue but not in a coalition, also good functionality for focusing on specific votes.

Next steps

  • Online event tomorrow at 6 p.m. Eastern/3 p.m. Pacific, right before the House vote
  • Next phone call/chat Wednesday.  When’s good for you?  Please fill out the Doodle poll.
  • Senate campaign to launch Thursday.

Action items

  • Harry and Jon write up notes from meeting
  • Sallie to do a post tonight or tomorrow for the GFR blog (Chip has been giving feedback in email), Patrick to help
  • ? to do tech support for the blog
  • BORDC to shoot for Thursday morning launch
  • Jon and Harry to set up online meeting during vote tomorrow; Jim and Patrick to get word out on Facebook, Mark on myBO
  • Jon to follow up wtih rainey at EFF
  • Sallie and Rachna to follow up on ‘commerical address’ PopVox issue
  • Rachna to report other bugs to engineering
  • Rachna to send POPVOX one-pager, ? to post on the blog
  • all to try out POPVOX and let us know about any issues

There was a lot of great discussion at the meeting.  If you missed it, Harry’s excellent notes are almost as good as being there.  Even though it’s not a great situation, I was really encouraged by the energy on the call. So, let’s make some noise and see what happens!



3 Responses to Patriot Act organizing: Action items and notes from the “Make some noise” meeting

  1. Bruce Kenyon says:

    It is time for repeal of this unjust law!!

  2. I’ve blogged about it at our local organization blog (Montgomery County, MD), and set up a PATRIOT Act “silo” campaign and a specific HR514 opposition item within it pretty easily using POPVOX. (some glitches, but basically my fault). Great service.

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