Make some noise! Organizing against the PATRIOT Act, 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific

Key provisions of the Patriot Act will sunset unless Congress renews them by the end of February. The Obama Administration is working with its allies in Congress to extend Bush Administration policies including National Security Letters , “sneak-and-peak”, and warrantless wiretapping.  The House is planning a vote on Tuesday evening. There are three bills in the Senate and the Senate Judiciary Committee is marking up S.193 on Thursday.

Sounds like a good time for some activism!

In aid of which, we’ve got an organizing phone call and chat at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific time today.  The goals are a shared understanding of situation and strategy,  short-term planning for HR514 activism over the next 30 hours,  and starting to prepare for the longer term battle.

The dialin number is 1-213-289-0500 passcode 869727, and there’s a chat room at the bottom of the thread. Here’s a draft agenda (all times Eastern) — feedback welcome

4:00 Introductions
4:05 Legislative and activism landscape (Shahid and others)
4:15 Strategy (Jon and others)
4:30 Brainstorming and refining ideas
4:45 Next steps
5:00 POPVOX training for anybody who wants to stick around

Patriot Act renewal: Fortunately, there’s an app for that! has some background — and if you’re by a computer during the meeting, it has some useful links as well.

Please join us!


PS: Thanks to Harry for setting up CiL, to Jim and Patrick for the work on the Facebook event, and Mark for helping get the word out on myBO.

We’re having problems with the chat room … we’ll update in the comments once we have something working.


4 Responses to Make some noise! Organizing against the PATRIOT Act, 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific

  1. jonpincus says:

    A few links from email:

    ACLU has a letter at

    Washington Watch has some good perspectives about the debate Congress doesn’t want to have at

    J. Bradley Jansen pointed me to “Conservatives for privacy” which really highlights how broad the coalition against the Patriot Act is.

  2. Malcolm says:

    FISA got it right when it was first created… with a 3 day grace period before judicial approval. To have right to open anyones life at any time without any oversight is not government, it is simply free liscense to steal.
    Private property and privacy is not to be thrown away on the decision of some unregulated individual at an agency!

  3. re: Repeal the Patriot Act. It is not lawfully possible to extend its provisions.


    You honor your oath to support and defend our Constitution and hold it dear.
    Yet, error may still occur unknowingly.
    For that reason I write to remind you that “Any scheme or artifice to defraud” the citizens of the United States of America of the full immunities and benefits of our
    Fourth Amendment to the Constitution,
    . . “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
    . . effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
    . . violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported
    . . by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
    . . searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    by enacting a vote to continue the Patriot Act even for one day is a felony 18USC1341->1346 “Frauds & Swindles” (NOT subject of the Art.I Sect.6 immunity) given the inevitable communication of that vote’s effect.

    I trust that you will take care to do your duty.

    Yet I am concerned that other less knowledgeable members of Congress might bring you into danger by their vote to extend the Patriot Act.
    Your witness of their enacting a vote to extend will establish a 18USC4 “Misprision of Felony” burden upon you.
    Please advise your fellow Congressmen of the burden that our penal code places upon them.
    The expiration of the unconstitutional Patriot Act needs to occur by either default or unanimous rejection of extension – Our country does not need the burden of broad criminal indictment on Congressmen at this time.

    There is evidence that prior votes for the Patriot Act were made in ignorance and so were without criminal intent. This vote is different.

    The nature of the Patriot Act’s scheme to defraud us of our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment is now evidenced as being known by all Congressmen so criminal intent will be conclusively established and the criminal act would be a mater established by public record.

    When delivering that warning to Congress I ask that you call for a record of each Congressman’s vote so you clear yourself of any taint of criminal culpability in this mater.

    Thanks again for becoming my Congressional Representative. I know that takes courage even if your love of freedom makes the courage seem small to you.


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