We can be proud

By: Thomas Nephew

Obviously, it’s not a happy day: Feingold lost the Wisconsin Senate race, by a 52-47 margin. I’m not a Wisconsinite — maybe Harry can tell us more — but it looks like a standard issue urban-rural divide on the map at the linked CNN page.   If the map were set up to do so, I imagine the reds might be a little redder and the blues a little paler than in previous years.

What can I say?  I think the people of Wisconsin made a mistake yesterday — but I’m sure we did not.   We needn’t be sad – it’s understandable, I feel it, too, but it does no good if we indulge it for too long.

Instead, we can be proud.  Proud of the best Senator in the Senate, proud of standing by him, proud of knowing we did what we could when a tsunami of anonymous cash and propaganda came crashing in; proud of each other.  I know I am. Thanks very much for reading, for contributing to the “Get FISA Right With Russ Feingold” campaign — 63 donations! $3,351 dollars!! in just over a month!!! — and thanks for everything else all of you have done in so many other ways.

Let’s take stock, figure out what to do next, and do it.  Please consider this an invitation to think out loud about that with the rest of us.


4 Responses to We can be proud

  1. Korkie says:

    It’s going to take me a few days to find my way out of the doom and gloom I find myself in after yesterday’s election.

    I understand yesterday’s results were the voices of Americans stating they are unhappy with the way issues in Washington have been handled.

    I was afraid of the ‘Bushies’ . I am terrified of the Tea Party.

  2. Sallijane says:

    I go ttears in my eyes erading your post. I am sad about Sen. Feingold, and Sen. Grayson, and more–but you are right, as the old song says, it’s time to “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again”. But we are not starting from zero–we have formed a good, cooperative group, and we can help each other and the public good by keeping on. Later tonight or tomorrow, I will post the link of Sen. Feingold on YouTube that a friend sent me–he is looking forward to the next fight, and we must also. Let’s take a week or so to regroup, reconsider, and then schedule something for the week of the 15th?
    Thanks, all! We will carry on.

  3. Sallijane says:

    O.K., checking in to see how we are all doing. We are still having problems with the MyBO listserv, last I heard, so things have been strangely quiet. Please, come back, all! Harry, did you get to the anti-FBI-repression rally yesterday? Were many like-minded people there? Let’s keep talking while we still have an Internet!

  4. thomasn528 says:

    Hi Sallijane! I’ve been busy with the “FBI raids/material support” forum we held a week ago — I videotaped it, uploaded that, and wrote a bunch about it (see next post). I know others have been active as well, and hope everyone can share a post about any civil liberties-related activism they’ve been a part of.

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