Feingold Closing The Gap

By: Harry Waisbren

I discussed the latest fantastic news about Feingold’s surge in the polls in my update and retrospective post, but I dare say it’s worth expanding upon as we up the ante in our fundraising campaign for him to $3,000.

First, here’s Wisconsinite John Nichols analysis of the polls:

Now, however, one of the oldest and most respected polls of Wisconsin voters, the St. Norbert College Survey Center poll, sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio, has the race narrowing to a toss up.

According to the St. Norbert Survey, it’s Johnson 49 percent to Feingold 47 percent. That’s well within the margin of error for this—and other—surveys, meaning the race can reasonably be described as a toss-up.

Nichols further elaborates on how Feingold has typically polled better than the average democrat, and right now is “running dramatically ahead of his party.” This shouldn’t be too surprising, as Feingold’s independence is one of his hallmark values, and his adherence to principle ahead of party is why I am so proud personally to call myself a Feingold Democrat.

If you needed any more evidence for why it’s so integral to keep someone like this in office, look no further than this video of Senator Feingold explaining FISA in 30 seconds:

If you care about FISA and civil liberties at large, you should care immensely about losing our issue’s greatest advocate. The contrast between his opponent couldn’t be starker either, with Jane Hamsher going so far as to compare Ron Johnson to Joe Lieberman.

We couldn’t appreciate the donations of your hard earned money more, because we know that Senator Feingold couldn’t appreciate it more either! On the flipside, you can also certainly donate your time to Feingold as well—the Progressive Congressional Change Committee has a very slick tool that lets you phone bank for your choice of candidates from a slate of progressives, including Feingold. If you have a few minutes of time and care to talk to some Wisconsinites, please do so—we really are a friendly folk!

It’s difficult to imagine what will happen if he does lose, and it’s a prospect that I personally find very frightening. If you can donate, even a small amount of money or a morsel of your time, please do so. There isn’t any other politician in our country who has earned it more in my book.


3 Responses to Feingold Closing The Gap

  1. thomasn528 says:

    Thanks for this post and the encouraging news!

    I’ll be following the final Feingold-Johnson debate tonight, and will report on it as soon as I can.

    We’re halfway to our new goal from our last one — thanks very much to everyone who has contributed!

  2. […] good news is that Feingold has pulled into a statistical tie with Johnson according to a recent Wisconsin […]

  3. […] good news is that Feingold has pulled into a statistical tie with Johnson according to a recent Wisconsin […]

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