IAC Letter Voting

Hey everyone, here’s your final opportunity to weigh over whether or not we should sign on to the International Action Center’s letter to Stop FBI Repression of Anti-War Activists NOW: Condemn the FBI Raids and Harassment of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists.

To vote ay or nay, just write a comment to this blog post. This way, you will also be able to explain your reasoning if you care to.

Update: and it’s unanimous! 16 ay’s to 0 no’s. We sign the letter.

21 Responses to IAC Letter Voting

  1. harrywaisbren says:

    I think this is an important initiative, and couldn’t be more for it! Dissent is patriotic and essential for a democracy. This is especially the case when it comes to the most serious issues of life and death that war and national security encompass.

    We need much more democratic discourse in this country, not less. Making anti-war and international solidarity activists fear government harassment for their political speech is just un-American in my book.

  2. Rufus J Squirrel says:

    Of course.

  3. Alan Joseph Paradis says:

    Thank you for the action notice Harry. Yes, this is all about what Get FISA Right and anyone who cares about civil liberties should be taking a stand on.

  4. John Parris says:

    Yes, dissent is one of the most patriotic American acts. No one should be harassed for participating in a constitutionally protected act.

  5. Genie says:

    Thank you. It’s not surprising that they would try this, again.

  6. Qualified yes — only in that I only know the barest outlines of the story, and share in the general impression that this was a politically motivated, overly broad definition of ‘material support.’

    If someone like Shahid Buttar or Chip Pitts could weigh in on just how shaky the legal basis for these raids was, I think that would help all of us. I’d also like to have more than one link to go on — mainstream media, The Nation, ACLU, CCR, BORDC, whomever.

    One underlying concern is whether one or the other person or outfit being raided actually was up to no good in a precise, criminal way. Again, I personally doubt it, but that’s a gut feeling rather than a well-informed one.

    If there’s already a well-substantiated discussion elsewhere of all this, let’s have the link for it — I’m quite ready to be convinced this is something to support, I’d just like to see a little more in this thread than I do.

  7. John Viacrucis says:

    I vote Aye.

  8. Craig Nazor says:

    I vote yes. In this modern day of perpetual war, where conflicts are seen by some as a way to make large amounts of money from the government through the vilification of other human groups, we need strong dissent. We are guaranteed the right to this dissent by the constitution. If such dissent is harassed and possibly silenced, then “war is peace” will continue to appear to be true. The price to pay for more of this kind of illogic will soon bankrupt America.

  9. OK, I’ve found a bunch of links now:
    *Truthout–citing Buttar and Colleen Crowley
    *Chicago Trib article
    *Democracy Now interview…
    …all suggesting +/- that this is really a stretch of the material support definition more than any actually dangerous wrongdoing. See eg Trib where the FBI spokesman himself says “there was no “imminent danger” to the public.

    I’ve compiled those links as a Google Docs document here. It’s possible there’s more to it all, but it seems unlikely to me. I’m for supporting the IAC letter.

  10. Janice Beers says:

    I vote yes. We should sign on to the International Action Center’s letter to Stop FBI Repression of Anti-War Activists NOW: Condemn the FBI Raids and Harassment of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists.

  11. Ralph Famularo says:

    Yes. The only threat I see from the anti-war communities is to that of the Corporate War Party. To oppose war IS Patriotic!

  12. jon says:

    Yes, for all the reasons everybody else has said. Thanks for taking the lead on this!

  13. Sallijane says:

    As I have already signed personally, and as Thomas has researched it more completely and agrees (Thanks!), I also vote “aye”.

  14. thomasn528 says:

    So… what’s the next step here? (Incidentally, thomasn528=Thomas Nephew)

  15. Harry Waisbren says:

    @thomasn528 the vote is unanimous for yes so far, I was planning to send out news that it’s a go in our next mailing (which we have discussed in different threads).

  16. […] to make the race a dead heat. We also have now concluded what has turned into a unanimous vote to sign the IAC Letter, which I have taken the pleasure to officially sign us up for–and simultaneously reach out to […]

  17. Jennifer E Elliott says:

    Criminal codes of FISA.. If we do not prosecute the past which is what DOJ “does past criminal acts” then what about breaking criminal codes of FISA the next time?
    The only threat to the National Security is undermining democratic process of checks and balances by abuse of executive powers.

    In support of Senator Feingold on Senate Bill 1686 and other safegaurds Aye!

  18. Freddie Monroe says:

    We have to fight this Oppression of the Corporate Government.They are here for us.

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  20. […] FISA Right” activists recently decided to add the organization’s name to a petition protesting these raids. Now there’s a […]

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