Fundraise for Feingold: Reward Patriotism over Politics

By: Harry Waisbren

Day 1 of our fundraising push for Feingold is over, with initial returns of 10 donations for a total of $371. This is  a modest sum, but in just a day we are over a third of the way to our $1,000 goal, and any donation is help that our constitution’s best ally in the Senate wouldn’t have otherwise had!

I just made a donation, and I must admit, I couldn’t be prouder to do so. I’m biased, though, because Sen. Feingold is my state’s Senator, and I happen to be a particularly proud Wisconsinite at that. Past mere state pride though, my close proximity to his leadership growing up really did have an impact on me. This was especially the case going to school at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where the power of his example runs deeply in the values of the city at large.

In fact, reading an old article I wrote about him for The Badger Herald reminded me just how much I was inspired by Feingold’s passion then…and how little has changed since. Then as now, Feingold: political rarity in today’s world.

As a progressive Wisconsinite, I often feel spoiled by the quality leadership emanating from U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold’s office. Mr. Feingold is that rare sort of politician, from any political party, who is truly willing to stand strong behind his principles no matter the political efficacy of the situation.

Ouch…Given Feingold’s current constraints, the intro to my article hits pretty close to home, quite literally for me in fact. This isn’t to say that he would be in a better situation politically if he would stand up any less resolutely for his principles, just that I still feel that spoiled to have this rare sort of politician as my Senator.

How many politicians can we reasonably say stand as firmly behind their principles, no matter the political efficacy of the situation, as Feingold does? I’d go so far to say that there aren’t any politicians today that have proven this as concretely as he has. When things get the darkest for the rule of law in contemporary America, he always seems to be the politician civil libertarians of all stripes end up thanking the most profusely, and this is a big part of why I so proudly call myself a #FeingoldDem.

So if you can, send a reward to Feingold for putting patriotism over politics. Even if you aren’t a Democrat, it will make you feel good to support a politician who actually does this, rather than merely talks about it. Isn’t that an example we wish every politician would follow—-and wouldn’t you feel proud to support this kind of politician when they need it most?


6 Responses to Fundraise for Feingold: Reward Patriotism over Politics

  1. thomasn528 says:

    Great article, Harry — then and now. Thanks for all you’ve done on this!

    PS: $471 and counting!

  2. harrywaisbren says:

    Glad you like it Thomas, and likewise thank you for getting the ball rolling on all of this especially!

    $596 and counting now!

  3. thomasn528 says:

    Just put the thermometer up. OK through Election Day? If it’s too much take it down, but I think it helps.

  4. harrywaisbren says:

    I saw and love it! Don’t think it’s too much at all, and am glad we have it in as prominent a spot on the blog as can be.

  5. thomasn528 says:

    I am frankly pretty stoked about this. Must maintain focus, but starting to celebrate w my good friends the B52s, Tom Tom Club, and Le Tigre. 🙂

  6. $676, 16 donors! The latter puts us at 12th place and climbing on ActBlue’s list of fundraisers for Feingold.

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