Get FISA Right Update: October 5, 2010

By: Harry Waisbren

Hey everyone, checking in with three different Get FISA Right updates for you:

1. First, Sally instigated a great rehashing of how our group functions by making a suggestion for a petition for us to sign (more on that below) within an email thread, and asking how our group comes to decide on supporting initiatives.

I clarified to her that Get FISA Right is a crowdsourcing project, in which there isn’t a single leader/s from the top down dictating. Rather, if the group collectively decides on something, it can/should happen from the ground up! In practice, what this has meant is that individuals have taken the initiative on projects they care about and have ran with them, inspiring others to a consensus if it is to become something Get FISA Right at large is to support.

Now, there are certainly leaders specifically facilitating this kind of communication and processes, but it’s not our role necessarily to decide heavy handedly which petitions we sign and such. Furthermore, we always could use more people stepping up and taking a lead on facilitating the group coming to these decisions as well, so please let us know if you would like to help!

From there, Jon responded with some more details of our recent history of doing this in practice, which you will find summarized below in case anyone would like to suggest an issue later on that they would like to promote in this fashion (or if you are merely curious about how we work):

  • Start with a blog post introducing the issue to the group
  • Move on to a discussion thread a few days later, where we try to summarize the best pro and con arguments that were presented
  • Present a voting thread of some kind a day or two after that to come to a final decision

2. Secondly, the issue Sally brought up was whether or not our group should sign on to the International Action Center’s letter to Stop FBI Repression of Anti-War Activists NOW: Condemn the FBI Raids and Harassment of Anti-War and International Solidarity Activists!

Sally sent out an email about this last week, and this post will further do as our  blog post introducing it. Next step is to let us know—in either the comments of this post or in Sally’s email thread—what you think. After that, we’ll go through the pro and con arguments, and then we can vote.

3. Lastly, Thomas has taken the lead inspiring members of our group within different email threads to further come to Russ Feingold’s defenses. Mark had previously led our support for him with emails in advocating participation in the senator’s highly successful “Cheddar Bomb”, and Thomas is likewise leading another donation push (here’s the link to a wiki page he set up to craft the first email of this initiative),

Lot going on, and more to come!


2 Responses to Get FISA Right Update: October 5, 2010

  1. […] to raise at least $1,000 for Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI).  Why?  As our email — announced here yesterday and developed jointly by Thomas Nephew, Harry Waisbren, and others — puts it: As a […]

  2. […] first introduced potentially endorsing the letter in our last update post, and now we can move to look at the pro/con arguments made before finalizing whether we sign or not […]

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