Sept. 15 Conference Call & Online Chat

We’ll be having our next call on at 5:30 pm PST this upcoming Wednesday. Here’s the dialin is: 1-270-400-2000 Access Code: 705723, and the meeting page.

On this call, we will be strategizing about the Patriot Act, and discussing Constitution day which is held on Sept. 17. As always, let us know if you have any other topic ideas or questions, and hope you can make the call!


5 Responses to Sept. 15 Conference Call & Online Chat

  1. whole2th says:

    Topic: That RICO (racketeering) statutes be brought to bear against corporations and officers of AMDOCS and COMVERSE for wiretapping prior to 9-11.

  2. Harry Waisbren says:

    An email with very well thought out discussion topics reprinted with permission from Mark Dorlester:

    Recently, my political mindset has shifted – zoomed out – from details to the big picture, and the big picture IMHO is a serious threat to our future as a democracy. I have concluded that the human species’ biological need for tribal identity (pick your tribe) has overwhelmed more rational needs. This is exactly the phenomenon that fomented destructive insanity in certain previous generations in other nations, such as 1933 Germany.

    On September 12, 2001, my major consulting client was Mathematica Policy Research in Columbia, MD – a firm and a community of great liberal/inclusive mindset. Of the maybe 200 employees there (this office has since closed) was a Muslim woman who wore full Muslim coverings (there were undoubtedly other Muslims not so visually identifiable). The office, like most, was closed September 11. When I arrived September 12, I stormed into the office of the center’s director and announced “Richard, there is one and only one thing you must do today, and nothing else matters: you must find that Muslim woman and tell her with all the passion you can muster that she is welcome here.

    Beyond any discussion of PATRIOT or FISA on the next call, I suggest you ask everyone to find the nearest mosque or Islamic Center and at least call and tell these folks that they are welcome here.

    Next, ask your social/political networks to donate to Russ Feingold’s now seriously-contested re-election campaign. We are in jeopardy of loosing Capitol Hill’s best advocate for the Rule of Law. FYI I have never in my life so directly solicited donations for any candidate.

    Next, I think the time has come to simply join BORDC’s efforts. Neither the Obama administration nor the OFA community seems to have the civil liberties mindset we once believed, and there’s no sense – please excuse – pissing into the wind.

    In my America – at least among the educated leadership – there has always been a sense of hierarchy of values. Since our founding, such constructs as due process and differentiation between spoken/written speech and action have been at the apex of American values. No longer, it appears. So while being good advocates on the details, it is – sadly – time to return focus to the fundamentals.

  3. Harry Waisbren says:

    And another email with more discussion topics, reprinted with permission, from Jim Burrows:

    What Mark has written resonates a lot with what I’ve been thinking lately. I became convinced four years ago this month that the legal foundations and fundamental principles of our Republic were seriously threatened, and started on the path that led to my sacrificing full employment to various attempts at political activism.

    What has changed lately is that I am more convinced that the foundations of our Republic are threatened than ever, and I now count the Obama administration as an active part of that threat rather than a source of hope. While I am not at all considering becoming less active, I find that I’m not sure that I can put my name to some of the things that we as Get FISA Right have written in the past, that *I* have written under that name. We, in general, include in our prefatory remarks that we are an organization of Obama supporters. Well, I am not an Obama supporter. Not any more. If I again write or post something in the name of GFR, it will have to read “We are a group of current and former Obama supporters”.

    I have jumped ship on Obama. He and his administration have come out too often for executive power that is abuse of our fundamental rights and privileges. He has done far too little for either Civil Liberties or Civil Rights. When the New York Times starts writing things like “The ruling handed a major victory to the Obama administration in its effort to advance a sweeping view of executive secrecy power.” as the did in the recent CIA rendition case, you know that things have gone too far. The Obama administration clearly believes in extraordinary rendition, state secrecy, the assassination of US citizens held by the President to be a danger to the state, and on and on. Recent advances in Civil Rights have come not from the Obama administration, but a Nixon-appointed judge, a Reagan/Bush-appointed judge, Bush jr’s Solicitor General, and the Log Cabin Republicans. Democrats have shown little in the way of backbone in defending the rights Muslims, gays, or the like. They are consistently compromising on principles for the sake of political expediency.

    This is not the change I was hoping for. This is more of the same. This is Civil Liberties under continued attack. Any messages from me to the administration will henceforth need to identify me as one of a number of Independents who voted for Obama and the Democrats consistently over the past decade, but who no longer supports the current administration, the President and a growing number of Democrats.

    Sorry to rant, but this had to be said.

  4. Harry Waisbren says:

    Here is an aggregated list of potential discussion topics that we have been noodling over in different email threads:

    Constitution day actions/blog post
    Preparation for Patriot Act actions starting around December
    Reinforcing BORDC local ordinances
    Civil liberties and what America means broadly
    Expressing to Muslims that they are welcome here—and taking action to do so
    The threat to the legal foundations and fundamental principles of our Republic
    Sen. Russ Feingold’s campaign
    The One Nation Working Together march
    Changing of the group’s foundation/designation
    Potential for increased coordination with and/or connection to BORDC
    Affiliation with Obama and OFA, specifically a designation of “current and former supporters”

  5. […] to Jon, Sally, and Jim for joining the call, and special thanks (and best wishes) to Mark for providing his detailed thoughts beforehand! Another great call, and more to come as actions reverberate from […]

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