Our Mission and Vision Statements

By: Sallijane

At our March 10th conference call, the participants voted that the Mission and Vision statements were ready for prime time.  Thus, everyone reading this is cordially requested to spread the word loud and far, town criers all.

Who we are
We are a proud group of informally affiliated individuals who supported President Obama during his candidacy in large part because of his call for hope and a new kind of politics.

Vision Statement
Our vision is one of a United States that is both free and secure. We see a United States in which the ordinary citizen is afraid neither of the government, despite its ability to monitor internal affairs responsibly, nor of his or her neighbors—an America in which every citizen understands that in all just wars, people are required to sacrifice some things, but they are never required to sacrifice their natural rights, protected—not given—by the Constitution of the United States of America. Our view is of a United States in which citizen and government vigilance does not involve destroying basic Constitutional protections.

Mission Statement
Our ultimate mission is to restore the fundamental Constitutional basis to United States national security laws, so that the inherent liberties of citizens are protected from government intrusion—for example, unregulated surveillance, improper invasion of personal privacy, and unacceptable limits to freedom of expression—as intended by the Bill of Rights without compromising duly authorized actions of federal agencies.


One Response to Our Mission and Vision Statements

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