Key Takeaways from March 10 Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

Another very successful organizing meeting and online chat! You can read through our transcript here, and as usual can read through the key takeaways below:

  • We have decided to hold bi-weekly meetings instead of weekly to maintain and sustain energy over the long haul. If something bigger comes up though, we’ll switch up based on events.
  • A variety of team members are taking more of a lead through our communications channels as “faces of Get FISA Right”. Special thanks to Sally for taking initiative and offering to make the polls for our calls as well as getting more involved on our blog (her first post on our Mission and Vision statements is upcoming) and OFA mailing list, to Mark for offering to take more of a lead on OFA (and the blog potentially as well), and to Jim for helping more with Facebook. We still need more volunteers to step up though (particularly with Twitter), so please let us know if you have any interest!
  • Jim has taken the lead offering advice on how we could leverage Patriot’s Day as an event to support our issues. He has offered to attend the festivities in Boston (where it is primarily located), and Harry and Ben are going to meet to discuss feasibility of something in Wisconsin (as well as WI civil liberties activism in general). We need grassroots supporters to step up though here as well, so let us know if you are in the Boston or Wisconsin areas especially (where Patriot’s day holds the most salience) and/or are generally interested in taking part!
  • We continued our longstanding discussion about how to incorporate libertarians sensibilities and Tea Party activists working in good faith into our coalition. In particular for Patriot’s Day, we found that Second amendment activists could be a sweet spot for collaboration.

Thanks to Sally, Brandon, Mary, Ben, Korkie, Mark, Jim, Jon (in the online chat) for taking part, and to everyone else paying attention. We’re gearing up for the long haul, and the continued energy and fortitude from our group (especially new leaders) is absolutely inspiring!


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