Key Takeaways from Feb. 25 Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

Our latest call entails some very disappointing news, as the Patriot Act has been extended for another year without reforming the three integrally needed changes. It is difficult to see a sliver of positivity from this, but it exists in the mere fact that it is only a year extension, and the need for our continued effort within this fight continues.

In that vain, we spent the bulk of the call discussing how we can ensure that our effort remains sustainable amidst this extension. You can read through the transcript here, and below you will find the key takeaways from the call that specify how we might best be able to do this:

  • Our greatest opportunity to impact the legislation may be after the 2010 elections in November or December, as fear of negative attacks is being cited as the primary rationale for Democratic inaction on this issue. On the flipside, if we are able to insert our issue into a few of these key races, the potential for us to impact the legislation increases that much more…
  • We have been working on our mission statement on the wiki, and there are discussion threads at the bottom of the page going over the changes where you can let us know what you think!
  • The regular meetings we are holding are cited as being absolutely necessary for holding our diversified coalition together, however, we need to be more strategic about how we can continue them (as well as the improving nature they have exemplified) as we move forward. Specifically, we are asking for others to step up and help promote the event through our various channels (including email lists, Facebook events and messages, Twitter, etc.). We’re working on a system to organize and promote these meetings in a more collaborative fashion, but if you are willing to help out, please let us know as we are actively recruiting participants to take small pieces of the larger effort needed to coordinate these calls and online chats!
  • As the 2010 and 2012 elections near, we see a greater opportunity to leverage Organizing for America (previously, or whatever social networking service utilized to coordinate Obama  supporters, in our efforts to make real our hopes for change.
  • We are discussing holding bigger events, and are contemplating a few different time frames. Jim likes the concept of an April event to coincide with “Patriot Day”, a variety of members would like to hold an event on 9/11 (which would coincide with Tea Party events), and Ben Masel and Jon both like the idea of an October 12 event on the anniversary of the Patriot Act.
  • Ben also made the point that, considering the limited impact we can make on the Patriot Act in the meantime, we should broaden our scope, and specifically it may be time to push for a revisit of the wiretap act to add both video surveillance and location tracking.

Thanks to Mark, Jim, and Ben for joining the call, to Jon for joining the online chat, and the anyone else following along! We have to take our lumps in stride, and continue to play the long game to ensure that the dream of America will be…


17 Responses to Key Takeaways from Feb. 25 Organizing Call

  1. whole2th says:

    Letting off steam about the unconstitutional “Patriot” Act is a far cry from defeating (repealing) the Patriot Act–and it is clear to me that you, Mr. Waisbren, know what you are doing–leading the sheeple on a wild goose chase expecting that something is being accomplished to address the shredding of our Constitution which is based upon lies of biblical proportions.

    9/11 is the root of all this evil. 9/11 is a lie.

    Israel–not Muslims–did 9/11 along with Shabbas goyim (traitors) within the U.S. The evidence of this is overwhelming.


  2. Bob Jacobsn says:

    Just as disappointing as the FISA extension, Obama has issued an order calling for coordination and consolidation of Federal databases in a manner that resembles Admiral Poindexter’s discredited Total Information Awareness (TIA).

    See, “White House says data mining to focus only on government files,” Feb 25, 2010.

  3. J. Koppelmaa says:

    The fact that it was only extended a year shows that they know it’s bad. We’re not giving up.

    It’s an election year. Let’s see what we can do with THAT.

  4. whole2th says:

    Personnel from fusion centers are receiving training in Israel in domestic surveillance. The ADL is supporting this developing police state.

    Remember when Bush wanted retroactive immunity for telecoms which had violated FISA? Two Israeli companies were likely beneficiaries of the immunity–AMDOCS and COMVERSE–both of which were connected to prior knowledge of 9/11 in a four-part news series on 9/11 by Brit Hume. This four part series is available on YouTube.

    Israel–not Muslims–did 9/11.

    The narrow focus upon FISA in this group ignores the big picture–and the foundational basis of the Patriot Act: the big lies of 9/11. Why is it that this group cannot confront the lies of 9/11?

  5. whole2th says:

    Personnel from fusion centers are receiving training in Israel in domestic surveillance. The ADL is supporting this developing police state.

    Remember when Bush wanted retroactive immunity for telecoms which had violated FISA? Two Israeli companies were likely beneficiaries of the immunity–AMDOCS and COMVERSE–both of which were connected to prior knowledge of 9/11 in a four-part news series on 9/11 by Brit Hume. This four part series is available on YouTube.

    Israel–not Muslims–did 9/11.

    The narrow focus upon FISA in this group ignores the big picture–and the foundational basis of the Patriot Act: the big lies of 9/11. Why is it that this group will not confront the lies of 9/11?

  6. Bob Jacobsn says:

    Who the hell is “Whole2th” — who cowardly hides behind a pseudonym, when we are writing among friends? — and why does he feel the need to disrupt this conversation? What a sap.

    Now, back to what really needs to be done to prevent problems already happening here in the USA….

  7. Bob Jacobsn says:

    PS I checked out Whole2th’s website. He — or she — is basically a rabid anti-Israel/Zionist/Semite allegedly defending the Muslims (whom he or she helps not at all with such bizarre logic). In the end, just another lonely soul seeking significance. Good night.

  8. whole2th says:

    Have any of you who oppose FISA and Patriot Act read about the German Enabling Act and compared it to the Patriot Act? This constitution-gutting law enacted by the German parliament just one month after “terrorists” burned down the Reichstag (parliament building) bears a chilling similarity in its origins and its designs on implementing a police state in Germany.

    To overlook the Enabling Act is to see the trees and not the forest in the origins of the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act and FISA violations

    I’m Anti-Semitic? Outrageous accusation and wrong!

    If you will please go the Anti-Semitism page on, you’ll discover my views on Jews and the criminals who did 9/11–which I’ll refer to as the “Kosher Nostra”. Those criminals are the real enemies–a subset of Jews just as the Mafia is a subset of all Italians. Muslims were framed by the “false flags” tactics of the Jooze (those criminals who hide behind Judaism).

    I think Bob Jacobsn will identify with the web page entitled “Judas Goats”. A more skillful Judas Goat than is Noam Chomsky–check out the Judas Goats page.

  9. whole2th says:

    My name is Ed Kendrick. Nearly four years ago I co-produced a 150 page research document on the Real ID Act origins, sponsors, and dangers to our liberties–this document has been distributed to a hundreds of state legislators and has been instrumental in many states choosing to repeal their participation in the Federal mandates of the Real ID Act of 2005–which was a Constitution-shredding act arising out of recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission.

    Presently, I’m involved with Liberty Restoration Project which has focus upon the dangers of fusion centers–and the unholy alliances between Homeland Security, fusion centers and elements which were involved in perpetrating 9/11.

    Initially, this COMMENTS page wasn’t moderated–and, now, it seems that moderating messages may mean the end of comments that name names of those who have implemented FISA and Patriot Act through deception.

    The stated purpose seems to be an intention to stop FISA and Patrtiot Act abuses. I am my word and I expect this FISA group to be their word as well.

    Accusations such as made by Bob J should be accompanied by evidence–and if there is moderating to do, I suggest starting with deleting Bob J’s accusation that I’m anti-Semitic. A short investigation will reveal this is absolutely false.

  10. J. Koppelmaa says:

    Mr. Kendrick,

    I just reviewed the World Domination section of the website linked to your handle here. The quotes there are certainly shocking. The Levy quote appears to be subject to some authenticity dispute, and the source/context of the Begin quote is not attributed. Where did you derive this Begin quote?

    Plenty of patently anti-semitic sites seem to share your views that there is a world-wide Zionist conspiracy. My admittedly short investigation of your site certainly did not dispel an impression that you could be anti-semitic. Are you arguing that this impression is unfounded by virtue of your belief that what you say about this conspiracy is true?

    I perceive your position as: “I’m not anti-semitic regarding particular Jewish people I might know. I’m just resisting a secret plan by other Jews to take over the world and enslave us all.”

    Have I got that right?

  11. Bob Jacobsn says:

    Whoa, he said, pulling the reins in. Ed wants this discussion to be about him and his cause. Without further commenting on its merit, let me observe that Get FISA Right has a very specific and narrow purpose, and this to get FISA reduced or repealed. It’s not about every other oppression under the sun.

    I added the bit about Obama restarting TIA because it’s highly relevant to FISA. Every private conversation recorded by a government agent and placed into a government database via FISA becomes subject to broad sharing, manipulation, and reconstruction via TIA.

    In other words, by reinstating TIA, Obama is absolutely extending, not limiting, the consequences of FISA. FISA now will become the vacuum that sucks up information for processing by a machine composed of the entire Federal “anti-terrorism” machinery.

    The situation is dire and we need to focus on what to do about it NOW.

  12. jon says:

    Getting to this thread a bit late … sorry things have gotten off to such a rocky start here. Welcome, Ed.

    The fight against REAL ID is a good model for how we should approach things here. The grassroots coalition I was part of included libertarians, agriculturalists, biblical literalists, transgendered people, migrants-rights activists, states-righters, fiscal conservatives, privacy advocates progressives. There weren’t a lot of issues that we agreed on and if we had gotten together in a room we might well have killed each other … but we all saw the importance of this cause and worked together effectively.

    So let’s try to do the same here — regardless of our opinions about 9/11.

    Bob highlights how urgent the situation is. But I want to return to J. Koppelmaa’s comment:

    It’s an election year.

    They’ve created the opportunity for us to make this an election issue.

    How do we take advantage of that?


  13. whole2th says:

    Elections won’t accomplish the transformation in repealing the Patriot Act and FISA abuses. The foundations of political and emotional support for these Constitution-shredding laws and activities are based on 9/11 and 9/11 is a big lie.

    In medicine, it is folly to address symptoms when an underlying cause can be ascertained and addressed. The underlying justifications for FISA and Patriot Act arise in the official version of 9/11.

    What is needed to gain political support for repealing the Patriot Act and restoring a Constitutional FISA implementation is deprogramming of the fear of terrorism which underlies complacency about shredding the Constitution–and even has people clamoring for more invasions of privacy.

    Bob Jacobsn has been too hasty to pigeon-hole me as “anti-Semitic” and “all about me and my cause”. Limiting the focus of Getting FISA RIGHT is like over-specialization in treating a medical condition–other viewpoints of other disciplines having direct bearing on the political justifications for FISA are just what Bob Jacobsn seems to want to keep us from considering. Why, Bob?

    Why have people accepted FISA abuses and Patriot Act extensions if not because of their trust in the official version of what happened on 9/11?

    Who in this FISA group knows that George “Mr. WMD” Tenet and Louis Freeh (former head of FBI) are invested/involved in the Real ID implementation (L-1 Identity Solutions) and allied with ChoicePoint which manipulated the last Mexican presidential election–and the precursor corporation (Richard Armitage) to ChoicePoint, DBT was the company that developed a list of 90,000 Florida voters who were refused the right to vote in the 2000 Presidential election? The same people who have held the highest offices allegedly protecting and defending our Constitution are the leaders of dismantling our liberties. And you know something else? Many of the coconspirators in 9/11 and the subsequent cover-up qualify for or hold dual nationality with Israel.

    Let’s treat the root causes. Hacking at the branches will get us more of what we already have: continuing clampdown on civil liberties and shredding our Constitution. The lies that underlie the political support must be addressed.

  14. jon says:

    Great progress on the mission statement, by the way! A few comments, cross-posted on the wiki:

    I split the “Who we are” out from the mission statement proper. I agree with Bob that what was right in 2008 is not necessarily right now. Get FISA Right needs to broaden beyond our original core of Obama supporters + former Obama supporters. So I am not sure how much to emphasize the Obama aspects in our definition.

    A couple on questions on the mission statement:

    – it too specific to focus only on national security issues?
    – is there a way to ground our mission emotionally as well as legally?


  15. […] can check the Key Takeaways post from our last call for an update on where we are at, and we hope to see you on the call/in the chat […]

  16. Sally G says:

    When the group was formed on MyBarackObama, the issue was one of protesting Sen. Obama’s vote on the FISA authorization and retroactive corporate immunity—a strict appeal to a candidate whom we supported as the best alternative to G. W. Bush. thus, the focus was intentionally specific at that time. As time has gone by, and we see more of what we (perhaps naïvely) hoped/expected to be changed, we have discussed just how narrow our focus should remain, but seem to be sticking wtih the national security (vs) privacy and civil liberty aspects at the moment.
    If you think that this group is unlightened, you should speak to some of the people I talk to, who need to be convinced even of what is wrong with the Patriot Act, or the dangers of the recent Supreme Court decision on Citizens United.
    A number of us, and many of our friends and acquaintances had either never been very involved or had drifted away from their involvement in the 1060s/70s (the latter being my own case). But the chance to elect someone who had the potential to “turn around the ship of state” was compelling, and once bit, not twice shy—eager to get back in the fray of activism, in my case, not particularly into politics or political parties.
    I’m getting long-winded, but my real message is that if you could share some information on the RealID fight and some strategies for exposing the danger of the new powers that the government seems to want to grab or is unwilling to relinquish after the emergency that “justified” it (regardless of the nature or origin of that event), we would welcome your help. We are trying to wake up the “sheeple”, as you (IMHO, rather disrespectfully) call them, and we feel (actually I feel) that we will be most successful spelling out the dangers in a way that mainstream citizens will not reject out of hand as being extremists, but will let them see how their own lives could be affected. We have to combat an apparent willingness to accept loss of liberty in exchange for security (though some of us feel that that security would be illusory, at best).

  17. whole2th says:

    The narrow focus…can this group look back to the Bush administration handling of FISA violations? Or, is that, like justifications for Patriot Act and FISA abuses arising out of the 9/11 psy-op and the 911 Commission Report (lies) also verboten in this group?

    I’m affiliated with a Constitution Alliance that has been useful in communicating the urgency of repeal of Real ID and now resisting the PASS Act. That alliance is composed of many interest groups and has an outreach via email lists that is estimated at up to 200,000 contacts.

    Remember Bush insisting on granting retroactive immunity for telecoms who had violated FISA? Check the FOXNEWS four-part series on AMDOCS and COMVERSE. That is bombshell material that people can understand–if only they will remove their blinders that create the narrow focus.

    Are you aware of Southern Poverty Law Center, fusion center, Anti-Defamation League, Homeland Security and law enforcement agency connections which seek to establish a big brother-type (Israeli-style) police state? Are there Jews and Christian Zionists who are leading this “narrowly focused” initiative? Saavy Jews and Zionists will know what I’m referring to.

    Check our website:

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