The Hijacking of Democracy

By: Harry Waisbren

Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Right Defense Committee (BORDC) has written a post that the whole Get FISA Right community should read and consider. 1984 in 2010: Hijacking Democracy to Spy on Americans chronicles an “administration asleep at the switch” in regards to civil liberties. Even worse, the Obama administration is “actively undermining its own stated agenda and public promises to restore rights & liberties.”

This is a risky position for the country at large to be in, and Buttar navigates between the political opportunity for those willing to amplify the voice of the people amidst the fear if such political courage can not be made manifest:

Yet assertively championing constitutionalism would be shrewd, as well as principled. Hundreds of cities and towns across the country (and a compelling handful of unholy bedfellows among the states) have already rejected the beltway consensus favoring domestic spying. Restoring constitutional rights is thus a political imperative: whichever of the major parties more assertively defends the populist principles at stake stands to siphon the support of significant portions of the other’s base.

If neither party engages on that front, what began as the Bush administration’s assault on long-established constitutional principles could become — by virtue of its ratification and entrenchment by a Democratic administration — a seemingly permanent fixture of American politics.

The stakes couldn’t be higher, as it is the fundamental nature of our democracy that is at stake! It is why we must all continue to fight for the rule of law, as Buttar is entirely correct that this effort encompasses saving the “very fabric of our society”.


3 Responses to The Hijacking of Democracy

  1. korkie says:

    We have an uphill battle on our hands. I’m ready!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m on it!

  3. lois swartz says:

    I’m in too. Country was bamboozled after 9/11 which is still continues to be the pall that blinds us in the erosion of civil liberties. When we began our “End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine” the police photographed us for two weeks. Who knows where those pictures are today. Keep up the good work.


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