Key Takeaways from Feb. 16 Patriot Act & FISA call

By: Harry Waisbren

We had another fantastic call this week, again filled with new blood and plenty of fresh ideas! Thanks to Sally, Connie, Mark, James, Soren, Korkie, Lisa, Bob, Dave, Talat, Jim, and Jon for joining, and you can find the transcript here and the key takeaways below:

  • Nobody has any authoritative information regarding the current status of the Patriot Act reauthorization legislation, but indications are that the bill will be attached as a rider to a larger piece of legislation before it would sunset. Assumption is there will be a one year extension.
  • Short term, we are focusing on distributing our Idea for Change in any way we can. The login to can be difficult, so if possible, make sure to follow up with people who commit to signing to make sure they have done so successfully.
  • Discussed the need for education in regards to this issue, especially to fortify our longer term efforts of aligning ourselves with libertarians willing to fight for civil liberties.
  • Talat described how racial profiling has been getting worse for Arab Americans, “more and more about targeting muslim americans than ever before”. The racial components of these policies could be a dividing line between the factions of the Tea Baggers…
  • BORDC is circulating “best practices” model legislation and talking points to local civil right groups, in order to “let grassroots people do their thing”.
  • We will be working on our mission statement and will be discussing on the wiki

Again, thanks to everyone for joining the call and taking part in a particularly active online chat!


3 Responses to Key Takeaways from Feb. 16 Patriot Act & FISA call

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  2. Bob Jacobson says:

    Harry, I believe that the House is voting or just has voted to approve a one-year FISA extension today. (The Senate did last night without debate.)

    This alters the situation, considerably. The President can veto the extensions, but probably won’t. What’s the next step? is a question the group has to tackle, understanding that this is going to be for the long-haul.

  3. Bob Jacobson says:

    PS Our proposed mission and vision statements as amended are definitely on the mark.

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