Key Takeaways from Feb. 10 Patriot Act & FISA Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

We had another quality call this week, discussing next steps to our long and short term plans. You can read the full transcript here, and please let us know when you can make our  next call.

Thanks to Mark, Shahid, Denzil, and Jon for joining the call, and you can find the key takeaways below:

  • Shahid from BORDC relayed a particularly disturbing report that there will be a straight one year reauthorization bill rammed through the congress by embedding it within a jobs bill. We will send out information as we get it, as this would clearly impact both our plans’ short and long term trajectories alike.
  • We are promoting our  idea for Ideas for Change, and you can check the link for details about how you can help based on our successful model from last year.
  • Mark and Jim had a long conversation about establishing our “case statement”, and are focusing their energy on finishing it.
  • We are focusing on more directly connecting ourselves with the grassroots civil libertarians, whether they be from the right or left, with a particular emphasis on veterans through Iraq Veterans Against the War.
  • Our coalition is made up of people who privilege grassroots activism, which is why we are such fans of BORDC’s local ordinances initiatives. The key is coming up with local events that can be used as a vehicle to draw energy together, which we could presumably tie into our extensive outreach efforts as well.

The latest legislative news may be somber, but we will certainly be keeping up the fight! This debate must not be stifled, especially since it is one of the very few in which people all across the aisle agree, and is indicative of so much more relating to the core transpartisan identities we share as Americans.


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