Key Takeaways from Feb. 2 Patriot Act & FISA Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

We had quite the exciting conference call and online chat today, and are already building momentum for another one next week, so please let us know when you can make it. The addition of new participants and their fresh outlooks led to a litany of fantastic ideas both for our short and long term trajectory.

Thanks to Talat, Mary, Sally, Troy (sorry for the tech problems), Mark, Jim, Jon, and Chip for pre-meeting discussions for joining us!

Below you will find the key takeaways from the call amidst the action items we have to complete such audacious goals:

  • Harry and Jon to reach out to BORDC, then others, on coordinating a 9/11 event
  • All to vote for Sally’s Take back our rights: repeal the Patriot Actidea on
  • All on Feb 3 (BORDC lobby day) change FB status, email friends, share BORDC sign-on letter
  • For promotion, Mark to send out on OFA, Harry and/or jon to do a “how to promote” post
  • Sally and Jim to start researching various interests for “network map” (as comments in blog posts)
  • Chip and/or Shahid: update GFR on lobby day and next steps

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible—-it’s truly exhilarating to revel in the sense of shared passion and purpose made manifest within an organizing meeting like this one. The best part is that it is only the beginning and will continue to reverberate as we act upon these notions and witness the fruits of our collective efforts!


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