Key Takeaways from Dec. 15 Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

Our latest call went well as we plotted out our strategy following the holidays and on into the new year. Our last call coalesced a series of aggressive initiatives which we are still responding to, and our ambitious docket of current and upcoming campaigns continues to increase as leaders step forward and as we achieve more and more partners. For our most current update, here is a link to the call transcript, and below you will find some of the key takeaways:

Legislative situation

  • Mark relayed that there is nothing on either the House or Senate calendar scheduled. This is a good thing, as every day that passes towards the Dec. 31st sunset date increases the chances that we will get an extension as opposed to a civil liberties crippling bill.
  • Mark also explained that the last extension, passed in similar circumstances, ran one only about a month, so even if there is an extension we should be prepared for it to be short.

Video outreach

  • Mark has also been following up with Alexandra Pelosi’s staff, and the next step in the process is for word of his initial outreach to be passed along via her speaking agent.
  • It is difficult to say for certain how our video projects will progress, but one thing is for certain, is that our networks of online activists present quite a system to promote any sort of video—whether it be a 30 second commercial, 5 minute explanation, or a full documentary. Spreading convincing arguments is activism in and of itself (well, more like citizenship than activism, yet citizenship is something you do), and as we gain traction in these realms we will be moving more and more aggressively to take advantage of the evolution of video.

Transpartisan framing

  • This past Friday, Dec. 11, Julian Sanchez appeared on and was interviewed by Cam Edwards, the host of “Cam and Company”. We tweeted out responses and notes to the interview, but couldn’t encourage all of you to check it out for yourselves.
  • The interview went extremely positively, and Cam clearly understood and supported the rationale for NRA supporters to become involved in this fight. Bridges can hopefully be built here, as this truly is an issue that affects us all!

As Korkie emphasized on the call, the holidays are upcoming, and during such times of reflection it’s increasingly important for us to express our abiding appreciation for the help and time from all of our supporters as we collectively strive for true change and work to make our country a better place.

Thanks to Korkie, Mark, and Jon for joining the call, and to all of you, without whom, none of this would be possible!


5 Responses to Key Takeaways from Dec. 15 Organizing Call

  1. Julian Sanchez says:

    I’m hearing we can expect a 60-day extension in the Defense Appropriations Bill.

  2. Jim Burrows says:


    Thank you for doing your usual good job on notes and this posting. I couldn’t make it today due to a consulting commitment, but I was able to catchup by reading both the raw notes and this post.


  3. reynaldo says:

    Peace fair and balance

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