Get FISA Right Multimedia Library

We are going to use the comments section of this post to catalog all the varying multimedia at our disposal relating to FISA, the Patriot Act, civil liberties, etc. that might be helpful as we work to produce more video and media content.

The most important video we have is our very own 30 second Inauguration Day ad that we aired across cable TV through, which you will find embedded below:

Help us make this post as comprehensive as possible by posting links to the varying relevant videos and podcasts and such in the comments. While you’re at it, let us know what you think of them and how we may incorporate some of the material, ideas, or principles into our own projects as well!


3 Responses to Get FISA Right Multimedia Library

  1. harrywaisbren says:

    Feingold questions Assistant AG David Kris:

    Feingold successfully offers sneak-and-peak amendment (Oct. 1):

    Franken reads 4th Amendment to Justice Department official:

  2. harrywaisbren says:

    Cato Daily Podcast interview with Julian Sanchez on Patriot Act:

  3. Harry Waisbren says:

    Funny Patriot Act video posted to our FB group wall by Devin Dixon:

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