Key Takeaways from December 1 Organizing Call

By: Harry Waisbren

During our call today we worked to foster further tangible action as we continue to promote our Open Letter to President Obama.

We had a great start following our Tweetchat last week and are now working to create further similar surges in our effort to go viral. Feel free to read through our call transcript or check below for the call’s key takeways:

  • We need to keep tweeting out links to sign our Open Letter and have provided some samples in our listing of suggested tweets.
  • The Cato Institute is holding an event on the Patriot Act this Thursday at 4pm EST which we will be covering during a Tweetchat in the Patriot Act Action Hub similarly to how we covered the House and Senate Judiciary Committee markups. Mark has offered to help provide commentary during the chat which others will be relaying via Twitter, and make sure to check out his Huffington Post article on Get FISA Right.
  • This event will also be used as buildup for another Tweetchat to be held this Tuesday in which we will coordinate outreach to media and legislators alike. Details are to be determined, but stay tuned as we will need a lot of help on this collaborative project!
  • We will be engaging in more extensive outreach of our own communities as we strive to find more personal stories about how the disintegration of civil liberties affects us all (in ways that might only constitute a low level of annoyance, i.e. the obnoxious nature of airports).
  • Lastly, we continue to view the Pennsylvania primary as a potential harbinger of these issues, and Amy is currently going through her networks to lay the groundwork.

As usual, it was a fantastic call. Much thanks to Mark, Amy, Korkie, Jim Burrows, Jim Babka and Jon (calling from the airport) for taking part!


2 Responses to Key Takeaways from December 1 Organizing Call

  1. lois swartz says:

    Feeling low after Obama’s call to war. What a disappointment. He’s all mixed up by going to war to protect democracy. Unfortunately he appears to believe what he says.
    Doing best to keep the faith.

  2. lois swartz says:

    When presidents raise shadows like Al Qaeda and a terrorist under every bed, then talk about spreading democracy what is to do but fight back. Every letter every phone call is important to keep a tiny flame of democracy alive.

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