Cato Institute event Tweetchat

By: Harry Waisbren

We are organizing another tweetchat this Thursday 1pm PST/4pm EST during the Cato Institute’s event USA Patriot Act: Renew, Revise, or Repeal?.

Once again we will be flocking to the Patriot Act Action Hub to discuss the issues at hand and to coordinate actions encompassing what we can do about it. Anyone can participate by using the chat room in the action hub and/or by tweeting to #patriotact (which are relayed into the chat room as well).

It bodes to be an intriguing event including participants across the ideological spectrum. Furthermore, it will be another opportunity to help us spread our Open Letter to President Obama as we engage with others following this issue.

Hope to see you there!


2 Responses to Cato Institute event Tweetchat

  1. […] Anyone in the DC area who’s interested enough in privacy and surveillance to put up with this blog really ought to come down to the Cato Institute at 4 this afternoon for our PATRIOT Act reauthorization debate, where I’ll join forces with CDT’s Greg Nojeim against Deceptacons Jena Baker McNeil of Heritage and Richard Samp of the Washington Legal Foundation.  Those of you not in the DC area should check out the webcast online and join the Get FISA Right tweetchat. […]

  2. […] Our tweetchat during the Cato Institute event, The USA Patriot Act: Renew, Revise, Repeal?, was quite instructive as to both the need to fix the Patriot Act and the degree to which more attention (especially from media) is warranted in regards to this issue in particular and civil liberties in general. […]

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