Tweetchatting the Word Out

By: Harry Waisbren

Our tweetchat held in our Patriot Act Action Hub was quite successful and much fun! It acted as a solid launch event for our Open Letter to the President, helping us make traction on all the various ways we have available to sign, i.e. through BORDC,, Care2, and Twitter. However, it’s greatest utility came through how it exhibited the degree to which our national discourse is missing the message in regards to the Patriot Act and civil liberties.

It is the void of this conversation that has inspired our letter, and the expert commentary from Julian Sanchez of the Cato Institute and Shahid Buttar of BORDC exhibited the degree to which the “experts” in our mainstream media could do a better job. I’d encourage anyone to read through the transcript, but members of our 4th estate in particular would do well to take advantage of this on the record discourse.

Fortunately, new media tools such as Twitter serve as distribution outlets that can bypass the media filter to get the word out. Even better, it does this while simultaneously alerting those outlets to the groundswell of demand that there is for such coverage.

And why shouldn’t there be such a groundswell, considering the kind of bombshells dropped even to activists well-versed on this issue from these experts. This is why we’re encouraging more retweeting, and below you’ll find some highlights to consider if you choose to do so:

Shahid of @BORDC: The long & short of this unfortunate story reflects an about-face by the Obama administration #patriotact

Shahid of @BORDC: struck by sheer ignorance within DC of the widespread rejection of these #patriotact authorities across the country

Shahid of @BORDC: Over 400 cities & towns, as well as 8 states, passed resolutions opposing the #PATRIOTAct over the past several years

@normative: Conyers bill watered down in a rather mendacious way. #patriotact

@normative: sea change in the way we conduct surveillance—a macro shift that eclipses all the specific policy points. #patriotact

Shahid of @BORDC: great 2 see so many voices, from so many political perspectives standing together 2 defend liberty & #privacy! #patriotact

Julian Sanchez aka @normative: We are not surveilling people anymore. We are surveilling populations. #patriotact

@normative: Minority Report fantasy u’re going 2 pluck potential terrorists from national pool of credit card records is stupid. #patriotact

@normative: totally irresponsible to act like we’re still doing old-school target/suspicion/investigation intelligence work. #patriotact

The tweetchat closed with Jon inspirationally describing where civil liberties activists go from here. He cited the need for these issues to impact elections, potentially through primary battles, and that the connections we’re making and the techniques we’re pioneering are the basis from which this future can begin.

Last summer, we took quite a big step towards this future through the innovative nature of our open letter. Now, we are trying to take another step again with our new letter, and we hope you join us as we push forward!

For now though, thank you to Julian, Shahid, Korkie, Jim, Mark, Amy, Triv33, Emily, Brandon, Amagi, Jenny, and Jon for joining us in the chat, to everyone who RT’d, and to anyone else following along. We hope you all enjoyed, and that you join us in the future as we continue to build on this model for 21st century activism that we are establishing.


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