Open Letter is Released: Time for Action!

By: Harry Waisbren

Our tweetchat is over, our Open Letter has been released, and now is the time for action! We must work to amplify our collective voices to both ensure President Obama hears us and compel him to respond.

With that in mind, here are the various ways you can join us by signing on to the letter:

Furthermore, democratic discourse is inherently an act of activism, and it is our duty as citizens to speak out about the issues that matter to us. Quite fortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time in which families and friends come together with precisely the opportunity to have this conversation.

The bipartisan, ideology-crossing nature of the fight for civil liberties is just the sort of topic that could bridge divides that might occur in other areas. The more people engaged in this fight and discussing it in the public sphere, the better the chances for us to force this issue into our national conversation.

So have a wonderful thanksgiving, and as you’re giving thanks, consider mentioning those little old civil liberties as something to be thankful for…


One Response to Open Letter is Released: Time for Action!

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