News Roundup

By: Harry Waisbren

Various news items out to report. Thought this would be a good time to aggregate them, and if you see any others please put the links in the comments section:

Chris Strohm of writes about the Democratic impasse in regards to the Patriot Act.

Declan McCullagh of writes about the implications to privacy and news as DOJ asks for visitor lists from news sites as they did for

Julian Sanchez of the CATO institute posts a clarifying post about how The Patriot Act ‘Lone Wolf’ provision is irrelevant to Fort Hood.

Marcy Wheeler cautions us about Sen. Lieberman’s potential exploitation of Ft. Hood to eliminate the Lone Wolf provision, extrapolating on  Julian Sanchez’s definitive piece about Lone Wolf.

Spencer Ackermann posts about the failure of our already expansive surveillance apparatus from preventing the Ft. Hood massacre.

an investigation is necessary to determine if the intelligence agencies did, in fact know about Hasan and why his murderous attack nevertheless succeeded. At this point “radicalization” in the armed services — a surely minute and peripheral concern, even after Hasan — is less important than determining why it was that the architecture of surveillance, pushed on the public so heavily as vital to preventing precisely what happened at Ft. Hood, failed us.

Marcy Wheeler has more analysis about Nidal Hasan and Ft. Hood.

Chip Pitts relayed this article about complaints from lawyers about a “second class” judicial system being developed through military commissions.


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