Markup Suggested Tweets

By: Harry Waisbren

Below you’ll find our latest tweeting points we’ve been trying to relay:

@RepTammyBaldwin congratulations on your amendment passing. Thanks for supporting the constitution! #patriotact

RT @eff: thx to Rep. Holt for intro’ing House version of JUSTICE Act to fix #PATRIOTact & repeal telco immunity!

Come help us craft our open letter to President Obama about the #patriotact:

@LamarSmithTX21 is willing to give up liberty for temporary security. How un-American! Pls RT #patriotact

Thanks to Reps Conyers, Nadler, & Watt for standing up for the Constitution at today’s #patriotact hearings!

@RepJaneHarman thanks for sponsoring #PatriotAct reform, please also sponsor H 3846! (Please RT)

As always, thank you so much for any help amplifying the message!


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