Wednseday’s Markup

By: Harry Waisbren

Tomorrow, 12:30 PM EST, is the much anticipated markup of  H.R. 3845, the “USA PATRIOT Amendments Act of 2009“. The event will be webcasted and we will be holding a live “tweetchat” in our Patriot Act Action Hub to aggregate any coverage and to facilitate acting upon what happens.

During this tweetchat, you will find the latest on what is going on at the hearing as well as what others are saying about it on twitter (everything tweeted to #patriotact will show up in the chat). However, we encourage those on twitter and not on it alike to comment directly into the chat room, as our goal is to foster as much conversation and collective action in response as we can.

No matter what happens tomorrow, we want to help spur “flash actions” via Twitter and other new media services in response. Even if things go very poorly for civil liberties proponents (and the country at large) yet again, it will feel good to do something about it—even if it is as little as a chat comment or a tweet!

Update: if you are a blogger, here is our blogger resources page to facilitate writing about the markup and tweetchat and/or embedding the chat itself on your blog.


One Response to Wednseday’s Markup

  1. […] off, there has yet to be a final vote on the House Judiciary Committee markup of the USA PATRIOT Amendments Act of 2009.  Markup continues tomorrow morning at 10 a.m, and […]

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