Today’s Patriot Act & FISA Reform Call

By: Harry Waisbren

Our latest organizing call is today at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST, and you can participate by calling in (dialin number: 1-219-509-8111 Access code: 705723) or by following the call’s live blog in the communal chat room.

It should be quite a call, as we will be emphasizing short term actions we can take in light of the upcoming markup this Wednesday amidst the larger transition in our efforts as we increasingly dig in for the long haul.

One area in which we have progressed in light of last week’s call–and will be going over–are our efforts to increase our coalition’s size while further diversifying our constituency both ideologically and demographically. In particular, we will be discussing launching interactive “tweetchats” through our Patriot Act Action Hub which will aggregate tweets on Patriot Act and FISA reform while simultaneously facilitating participation through a communal chat room.

Such a Twitter-centric strategy to foster communal action is important in light of what Jon Pincus and Tracy Viselli “have been hammering away on all year (1, 2, 3): Twitter is a place to engage with women, people of color, migrant rights groups, and others who are marginalized from other forms of activism.” Jon goes into much more details on such principles in his post Social Network Activism and the Future of Civil Liberties that I could not recommend enough, and his recent coordination with the Privacy Coalition on online training sessions for Patriot Act activism should be a boon for our effort as well!

This strategy would presumably encompass another key takeaway from last week through its capacity to foster communication with those ideologically different than us on issues aside form civil liberties. Furthermore, it could also act as a launch point to propel Amy’s idea of searching for and incorporating “personal stories of individuals whose privacy has been violated.”

Much more to come—-I predict another inspiring call and, hopefully, an even better week for the fight to reform the Patriot Act and FISA!


3 Responses to Today’s Patriot Act & FISA Reform Call

  1. jonpincus says:

    I’m looking forward to it, Harry — thanks for taking the lead setting this up!

    The tweetchat idea is a great one … thanks to Cover it Live, it’s easy for people to participate via the Patriot Act action hub even if they don’t have Twitter.

    And yeah, Amy’s point about stories was a particularly good one. Especially combining it with BORDC’s local ordinances initiative, there’s chance for some great progress here.


  2. jonpincus says:

    Here’s a quick update on what’s happening in Congress:

    in the House:

    short-term priority: HJC scheduled to mark up HR 3845 (Conyers/Nadler/Scott) this Wednesday, 12:30 PM Eastern.

    – Reyes, Hastings, and Rupperburger have introdced HR 3969 into HPSCI; it supposedly largely mirrors the SJC bill but may be weaker in some areas.


    – In addition to the amended Leahy/Feinstein SJC bill (S. 1692), there’s also a Sessions/Lieberman/Bond (S. 2236) bill that would reauthorize with no additional safeguards. boo. floor schedule still unclear.


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