News Roundup

By: Harry Waisbren

Here’s your latest update on Patriot Act and FISA reform in the news:

Michael Anne Conley posts about how mental health privacy is at risk:

Marcy Wheeler takes on Eric Holder’s state secrets invocation:

Glenn Greenwald writes about how Obama seeks to block wiretap suit through state secrets provision:

Jon Pincus details social network activism and the future of civil liberties:

Marcy Wheeler further discusses the “investigations into people who have nothing to do with terrorism”:

The Center for Democracy and Technology discusses how the House Patriot Act bill draws broad support on account of National Security Letter fix:

JCK Magazine has an exclusive on how the IRS will examine jewelers for Patriot Act compliance:

Marcy Wheeler asks asks “what happened to zazi’s product purchasing associates”:

Al Jazeera English asks what’s next for the Patriot Act?:

Nat Hentoff of the CATO Institute writes how instead of fixing the Patriot Act, President Obama is protecting it:


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