Social network activism and the future of civil liberties

I’ve got a post up on The Seminal and Pam’s House Blend, highlighting the opportunity to broaden and recharge the civil liberties community.   The thesis is that Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Care2, OFA and other social network sites:

  • provide a way to engage with Millennials and other diverse groups of people who care a lot about the Patriot Act — but are not currently involved with civil liberties activism.
  • make it easy for people to let their politicians know their feelings — and recruit their friends in the process.
  • allow civil liberties organizations to get beyond the media blackout and provide accurate information to everybody.
  • complement in-person local campaigns like People’s Campaign for the Constitution’s local ordinances and good ol’ fashioned letters-to-the-editor

The last section of the post has some suggested next steps.   There’s also some cool graphics too.   Please check it out.

As I say in a comment, thanks to the Get FISA Right members and our allies for the hard work.  We’ve been taking the lead on social network activism in the civil liberties area for over a year now, I honestly believe we’re making progress!




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