Key Takeaways From Our Latest Call

By: Harry Waisbren

Our latest organizing call was a smashing success, and we heartily thank Marcy, Mark, Derrick, Mandy, Soren, Jim, Jo,  Jon, Korkie, Amy and anyone else following along on the phone or online for attending!

We made a whole lot of ground discerning our shorter term direction while fortifying our longer term foundation. With much in the works, we decided on next Monday as a followup call and are circulating a poll to find which time—4, 5, or 6 PM PST—works best.

Mandy from the ACLU confirmed that this Wednesday will be the House Judiciary Committee markup of Patriot Act and FISA reform legislation. Get excited, because come Wednesday, we will be holding a live interactive chat in the Patriot Act Action Hub—-which we are also using to coordinate our actions and to roundup news items.

In the meantime, here are some other key takeaways:

  • Our priority in the house remains targeting HJC democrats to sign on as co-sponsors to both bills, in particular Rep. Jane Harman  given her influential status (not to mention her upcoming primary battle), but Reps. Schiff, Wasserman-Schultz, Berman, Baldwin, Quigley, and Wexler were emphasized as well. For more, see the targeting discussion call excerpts.
  • As we construct our narrative, Amy brought up a fantastic idea of more assertively focusing on the personal stories of individuals whose privacy has been violated.
  • Jim started a discussion about the need for increased outreach to libertarians and conservatives, and suggested the Campaign for Liberty as an organization we should particularly work to align with while Mark emphasized the NRA.
  • We decided to continue building momentum writing our open letter to President Obama despite remaining unsure of when we would release it, as it would not necessarily be a great tactic for our shorter term initiatives.

Remember that you can check the Patriot Act Action Hub for the latest campaigns and news items (or just to contribute in the chat room), and feel free to poise any questions you have in the comments section!

Update: chat log from the call available here.


2 Responses to Key Takeaways From Our Latest Call

  1. jonpincus says:

    A great call! The point about getting people who have been affected by the Patriot Act to tell their stories is a particularly good one … it’s something that health care reformers and the DREAM Activists have done extremely well.

    Another valuable idea that came up was doing more outreach to Arab-Americans and Muslim Americans. Several Arab-American groups signed the coalition letter; it’d be great to work with them on social network outreach.

    Derrick made a great point that the data mining focus is very abstract. Sneak-and-peak and National Security Letters are far more likely to resonate with people. This also relates to a subject we’ve talked about on past calls: focusing on ways the Patriot Act and FISA relate to people’s everyday lives.

    Thanks once again to everbody for participating!


  2. […] area in which we have progressed in light of last week’s call–and will be going over–are our efforts to increase our coalition’s size while […]

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