More Emptywheel Patriot Act Blogging

By: Harry Waisbren

Emptywheel, aka Marcy Wheeler, of Firedoglake once again is covering the effort to fix the watering down of the Patriot Act in a comprehensive fashion.

First off, her post on Obama’s bipartisanship: hiding up Jeff Sessions’ skirts when eliminating privacy protections:

The whole thing is disgusting: Obama sneaking these in in a last-minute classified briefing. Doing so under cover from Jeff Sessions (what? DiFi and Pat Leahy don’t want responsibility for this??). Pat Leahy letting that happen. A voice vote, so no one will ever hold Leahy and DiFi and Whitehouse and Franken and others responsible for doing this.

She follows up on this assessing a different “Sessions amendment” from Obama as well.

Wheeler posted further on how the Obama DOJ Declines to Support Legality of Bush Surveilance Program:

In short, once again the Obama Administration is, in yet another forum, adopting lock, stock and silencer fitted barrel the policy, tactics and arguments of the Bush/Cheney Administration to shield wholesale illegal and unconstitutional conduct by way of executive classification and secrecy.

…and here she is expanding upon Wired’s story from Ryan Singel headlined Telephone Company is Arm of Government, Feds Admit in Spy Suit in a post she titled The Blog that Passed Telecom Immunity.

Her latest post on the subject so far assesses White Supremacists with Hydrogen Peroxide and this disturbing reality:

Now, interestingly, these guys might not even qualify for the new language (or even the old language) in Section 215 allowing the FBI to now check all the hardware and beauty supply stores in Lake Elsinore for others who have been purchasing TATP precursors–unless the Nazi propaganda qualifies as “international terrorism.”

That’s the latest for now, but presumably she’ll have much more for us soon!


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  1. […] Marcy Wheeler has also been covering Obama’s role in the watering down of the Patriot Act, and it is something we at Get FISA Right should be taking very seriously. […]

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