Thursday #patriotact Tweeting points

UPDATED after the hearing

As always, retweeting appreciated!

Heartfelt thanks to @RussFeingold, @SenDurbin & @SenArlenSpecter civil liberties heroes at this morning’s #patriotact vote (via @eff)

RT @Hegemommy: Is Uncle Sam snooping in your medical records? How can you be sure? #patriotactRT @rmack: Is America getting more like China? #patriotact

RT @aclu: Feingold amendment Passes: Requires Justice Dept. to discard illegally collected info from National Security Letters. #patriotact

RT @twi_news: @SenArlenSpecter Emerges as Key Civil Liberties Advocate in #patriotact Markup




One Response to Thursday #patriotact Tweeting points

  1. […] have much more to say about all of this soon of course. For now, check out our post-hearing Tweeting points, and we’ll continue to relay any new […]

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