Tuesday Night News Round Up

By: Harry Waisbren

Below are some Patriot Act news items via Twitter. If you’re on Twitter we could really use your help, and if any of you stumble onto any other stories slap it in the comments section or tweet it to us!

RT @HarryWaisbren: @emptywheel reports Conyers letter to make more info on section 215 in #patriotact public http://bit.ly/IZmlp

RT @HarryWaisbren: @emptywheel announces “Use Zazi to Gain New Surveilance Powers Day” http://bit.ly/N6jmc #patriotact

RT @GetFISARight: RT @jamesmcookusa: Durbin: classified #patriotact “real reason” 4 warrantless surveillance isn’t about terrorism http://tinyurl.com/ybxlpca

RT @GetFISARight: RT @normative My piece on the expiring #PatriotAct “lone wolf” provision now up on @reasonmag: http://tr.im/lonewolf via @matttbastard

RT @GetFISARight: RT @opednews: Your Privacy Matters: Daniel Ellsberg, the USA PATRIOT Act and You http://bit.ly/2YT0tz #patriotact #p2

RT @GetFISARight: RT @aaiusa: ACTION ALERT: Talk to your senators about amending the Patriot Act! http://bit.ly/Tqpdz #patriotact

RT @GetFISARight: RT @privacyint: Fact Check on FOX News’ Misleading #patriotact Reporting http://eff.org/r.79 (via @EFF) Good work from Cato.

RT @GetFISARight: @glenngreenwald eviscerates the Obama admin defense of the #patriotact http://bit.ly/3mWnZ2


5 Responses to Tuesday Night News Round Up

  1. myrnatheminx says:

    A few of these are too long 😉

  2. harrywaisbren says:

    You’re right myrnatheminx, however, I didn’t put these in meaning to request them to be retweeted—rather I just copy and pasted them as a collection of news items.

    I probably should not designate it as an “RT”, but I wanted to let a reader know where the tweet came from. From now on I’ll use “via” as a designation, as in:

    Via @GetFISARight: RT @normative: Economist on #patriotact renewal: http://bit.ly/n9nV9 #p2 #tlot Via @myrnatheminx

  3. harrywaisbren says:

    Via @GetFISARight: @Emptywheel out w/ another post on the Zazi justifications for #PatriotAct: http://bit.ly/1DeW0i

  4. harrywaisbren says:

    via @GetFISARight: Transcript of Attorney General Holder talking about the #PatriotAct: http://bit.ly/1zzJSc

  5. harrywaisbren says:

    Via @GetFISARight: RT @antiwarcom: Antiwar.com A Golden Opportunity to Declaw #PATRIOTAct http://bit.ly/16gQJE #privacy

    Via @GetFISARight: RT @aclu: Ensuring JUSTICE In Patriot Act Reauthorization http://bit.ly/15Yt6S #patriotact #privacy

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