Organizing Call Summary

By: Harry Waisbren

We had an extremely productive call yesterday (scheduling note: so much so that we decided to cancel our bloggers cal). You can check out the call transcript, otherwise below are some of the key highlights:

Legislative Situation

We have to broaden our more narrow call beyond supporting Feingold and the JUSTICE act given how Leahy and Dianne Feinstein are watering down Leahy’s original legislation. At particular issue is the treatment of the reauthorization of section 215 and the presumably massive data mining project behind it. Unfortunately, they are trying to get this through without anyone knowing what is going on–similarly to how they passed the Patriot Act in the middle of the night–which is why naming and shaming them (particularly Leahy who knows this is all BS) has become so much more important.

Fortunately, key members of the House recognize this situation and are pushing back. Conyers, Nadler, and Scott wrote a letter to Attorney General Holder requesting that he make more information on the way Section 215 is used public, signifying that no matter what happens Thursday this fight is far from over!

Twitter/Facebook campaigns

We are pushing for tweets and FB status update changes tonight. The goal is to get a baseline number doing this while utilizing bloggers to advertise these campaigns to their communities as well. The particulars of the messages will be provided in a separate post for these purposes [Here for tweeting points; here for Facebook status update campaign], but generally we have decided to frame these arguments in a much more moralized tone that will resonate with the non-wonky.

Thursday event

Marcy will be liveblogging the hearing at her site, and we have decided to use Twitter as a relay system for her and anyone else covering it. This can be part and parcel of our activism—-especially if we target journalists with pointed tweets through this system—and in general can congregate experts and concerned citizens alike to share information by centralizing and distributing it on twitter. Much more to come on this as well!


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