Turning UP the Volume

By: Harry Waisbren

Point blank: we need to be more ambitious and innovative than what we have done so far with our social media campaigns.

Breaking the silence on the watering down of and delay to the Patriot Act and FISA reform efforts is no easy feat, especially since the political-media axis has either been yawning at this story or even trying to sweep it under the rug. Fortunately, we are chock full of resources at our disposal to break past these filters and push this story into the national dialogue.

Jon posted about using the #Skittles model for campaigns like ours, and we need to take his advice and help fill in the details on how we can best do this.

The basic idea’s straightforward: try to get enough momentum that the campaign goes viral on Twitter and Facebook, and then target some key politicians and journalists. At that point, hopefully traditional media wakes up and takes notice — and politicians are confronted with the overwhelming opposition online to the government surveillance and telecom immunity. With luck, it leads to a success like Get FISA Right had last summer organizing on my.barackobama.com with the support of progressive and technology blogospheres.

From this straightforward idea we need to discern how we can go viral with the highest chance of achieving media attention that further confronts politicians with the reality of such overwhelming opposition. We currently have campaigns in the works on both Twitter and Facebook, and we will be using both our organizing and blogger calls to come up with the best strategies for employing them.

In particular, we can use this kind of campaign to coordinate directly with the myriad of outlets who covered us last summer. I made a comprehensive Media Contact List that will act as an organizing hub for this outreach, and will have much more to report as this plan of action takes shape!


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