Fix the PATRIOT Act and FISA: Tweeting points

The PATRIOT Act markup hearing starting in a couple of hours going on now is our best chance to influence the Senate legislation for significant reforms — Tracy Viselli’s post on Reno and its Discontents and Jessica Pielko’s on Care2 have background.  We’re going to try some last-minute Twitter  activism to kick things off.  Please help out if you get a chance by tweeting one or more of these over the next couple of hours.

If you’re not on Twitter already, what better time to start?  See our If you’re new to Twitter page for easy instructions and a guide for decoding what all this means.

@SenArlenSpecter Support the JUSTICE Act! Fix the Patriot Act and FISA (please RT)

RT @getfisaright: please join us online today for Patriot Act activism at — and please RT!

RT @myrnatheminx: The JUSTICE Act: a chance to get FISA right. #patriotact

RT @theseminal: Tomorrow, a chance to fix FISA and the PATRIOT Act

RT @Hegemommy: Here’s how you can help end the PATRIOT Act

You can follow along at … and please join us for discussions and activism during the hearing at

We’ll be back with another round once the hearing starts.


PS: if you’re also on digg, we’re trying to put these a couple of stories over the top.  Please digg here and here.  Thanks again!


One Response to Fix the PATRIOT Act and FISA: Tweeting points

  1. […] No matter what happened today, we now have more time to help rectify the wrongs and push for a better bill. EFF emphasized their call to action again, as do we at Get Fisa Right. […]

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