Wednesday morning retweeting help

As always, any assistance is appreciated!

Tomorrow’s our best chance to fix the #PatriotAct and FISA. Help Support the Justice Act Pls RT

@SenArlenSpecter Support the JUSTICE Act! Fix the #patriotact and FISA (please RT)

A preliminary assessment of PATRIOT Act reform bills (via @normative)

RT @getfisaright: retweeting help, please: #patriotact #privacy

Thanks much,



3 Responses to Wednesday morning retweeting help

  1. Lu Cifer says:


  2. Al Warner says:

    I’m not convinced that the Obama Administration feels the need to fix or undo the atrocities of the Patriot Act, considering the posture taken toward the trial and prosecution of the people that commited torture in the name of America. These laws are too convenient for those in office.

  3. Tom Glover says:

    Remove the temptation to violate our civil rights. Reclaim for us a sense of justice.

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